Dec 17, 2013

The Last Savanna Collection Vault


Today is the last day to acquire items for the Savanna Collection Event. It was possible to vault this collection once daily and those who did will have 7 Hammered Ostriches and more importantly +70 skill points. Zynga waited for the last day but they did fix the spelling error on the reward popup [1].  Once the Savanna Collection is vaulted for the last time, nothing on the collection page changes and it states that you can vault again. Perhaps they will bring it back someday or maybe that will change once the event has expired.

After lastcollection3


  1. After picking up ONLY 2 items in 2 days while going thru almost 2,000,000 in energy, I said the hell with it!

  2. Collection items did not drop one every day or 24 hours. I have manage to vault collection 3 times and wasted tons of energy. I am focusing on completing SA and not IF I can be lucky for one more collection that's 1 item and 10 skills.

  3. I agree... I have played every single day (without fail) and still need 2 more items to even vault this once...

  4. I have 10 parts of two items and not collected everything else. Ive played every SA job looking for them. What does it take to get them?

  5. got all 7 keeping #7 for collection nobody else will have one


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