Oct 10, 2013

Job Board Season 6: South Africa Jobs Required


The 6th running of the Job Board is now underway. Unlike the previous 5 Job Boards, the jobs need to be in South Africa instead of London. This will make for an interesting dynamic as the energy requirements in South Africa are much greater than they are in London. Whoever wins this one will probably be close to hitting the level cap of 100,000 when it’s all over. At least they won’t have to worry about Bandits! Unlike the Ice Board which expired a second before this started, their is a Family Leaderboard so those who wish to be eligible must be in a family with greater than 5 players. The tracker item and rewards are shown below.
jobboard1 jobboard2
The tracker item is the Traditional Weave. Another change in the behavior of this event is that the Lockpick Bonus does work. I used over 90,000 energy and my account and got 10 items. Due to energy variations between accounts in South Africa, drop rates will be much different between accounts.
If you are a VIP subscriber, this item won’t help you as the Black Dune is +3 higher in stats. 
The Family and Global Leaderboards can be found on the Home Page.
When the event expires those who are #1 on their Family Leaderboard will earn a Roaring Beast.
The Top 3 on the Global Leaderboard will get a Hairy Armadillo. It will be fun to check out their level when it’s all said and done.


  1. jobboard number: 93 ******** 192
    real number of jobs done: Fake The Arrest Of Your Protege 421

  2. Yes, farming on Bronze in SA. Did over 500 jobs so far. Got credit for 217 so will be losing another contest. Zygna still sucks!

  3. I'm seeing around an 80% drop rate. So I do 5 jobs and get 4, then wait.

  4. Job board not working this morning


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