Oct 6, 2013

Harbinger of Havoc Best Defense Weapon Bug


As mentioned in a previous post, the Harbinger of Havoc is ‘The most powerful weapon in Mafia Wars’[1]. With current stats of 420/420, this applies to both attack and defense weapons. Due to an error in the fight module code, the Harbinger of Havoc is not listed as the best defense weapon on the fight page.

Instead of the Harbinger of Havoc, the Tribe Tamer, the South Africa District 6 mastery item, is in it’s place. I’m no genius at math but a defense score of 360 is lower than a defense score of 420 so I’m confused as to why this weapon is appearing where the Harbinger of Havoc should rightfully be.
It’s not just a display error on the fight page. I attacked myself with a alternate account and the Tribe Tamer also appears.
When viewing the items used in the fight, the Tribe Tamer also appears before the Harbinger of Havoc.
The most probable reason this has happened is because the Harbinger of Havoc started off with stats of 350/350. I’m not sure how Zynga managed to screw this up because the Harbinger of Havoc was actually added to the inventory 11 months after it was introduced in theory. At that time the stats were 394/394 and would still be higher than the Tribe Tamer which has stats of 251/360 [1]. Perhaps this item, as well as the Harbinger of Destruction, was programmed into the fight module code early on and there was nothing written to adapt to the weekly increase of it’s stats. If more items with higher stats than 350/350 or 400/400 become available, they too will most likely appear higher than the Harbingers if Zynga doesn't fix it in time.
Thanks to Lynn Amber for pointing this out on our fan page. I had noticed this on my account but figured it was just me and not a widespread issue.

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  1. Great job Jen (as always)....I thought that was display error only, and still hope so...dont have the resources to test and verify whether the purported full strength of Harbinger of Havoc has been added to the total defence pts...when I’m bored maybe I’ll try to add up the pts of my top 501 defence weapons...


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