Aug 9, 2013

South Africa Properties: Upgrading & Parts Required


There are 3 properties to upgrade in South Africa and none of them are a cake walk. The items aren’t giftable and the begging system makes Limited Time Properties seem like a dream. Nothing in South Africa is going to be fast or easy. What is most annoying is we have to wait for more districts to unlock to fully upgrade 2 of the 3 properties and therefore achievements will need to be put on hold. The time intervals between begs causes concern that waiting for more districts to unlock is the least of our concerns. In addition to begs, there are also district mastery requirements that will further delay upgrades. Below is an overview of each property, how to upgrade it and the number of parts required.

The property group is collectively known as the South African Terrain. The banking system is also a property called the Rykdom Bank and is not on the Property page.
The Shipyard is part of the South African Terrain and unlocks once you master the 1st job in Cape Town.
Zynga takes another tutorial moment on their silly map. If you close out the popup shown above because you don’t feel like building your property, you will get this every time you go to the map.
The Shipyard has 10 levels of mastery and 6 stages. Each stage represents 2 levels.
Once the Shipyard unlocks, click on the “Go Now” button and you will be directed to the South Africa City Property page. Click on the “Shipyard” and then the build button.
You will then learn that the Shipyard makes Rand and it can be collected once every 18 hours. This is a nerf from Brazil, London and Chicago as you can collect every 8 hours in those destinations. UPDATE: This was changed to every 8 hours, go here for details.
To continue upgrading, you need parts. The only way to get them is to generate a request. Hover your mouse over any part and if the timer is expired, click on the “Ask” button. Each request will yield 5 parts.
The bad part about this is you can only ask once every 24 hours. Unless you want to give Zynga a lot of money, patience will be required for upgrading the South Africa properties.
SA Shipyard ask
Upgrade parts can be found in the Daily Take feature and some claim that opening multiple windows and posting more than request will yield more parts. I haven't tried this.
Once you have something to collect, another map tutorial appears. They are letting you know that you can collect from the map.
The South Africa properties were also added to Union Hall on the home page.
Once you build and get to Level 1, you can keep upgrading to Level 10. A total of 270 parts are required.

1 0 1 1 0 02
2 1 3 3 1 19
3 2 5 5 2 216
4 3 7 7 3 323
5 4 9 9 4 430
6 5 11 11 5 537
7 6 13 13 6 644
8 7 15 15 7 751
9 8 17 17 8 858
10 -- -- -- -- ----
36 81 81 36 36270

A Level 10 Shipyard will generate 80 Rand every 18 hours.
The R&D Lab works just like the Shipyard but it stops at Level 4. It will eventually go to Level 10 but not until more districts are released. Once you master the 1st job in District 3, the property will unlock.
The R&D Lab also has 6 stages and 10 levels but only the 1st 4 levels are currently available.
Click the “Start Building” button and like the Shipyard you will be directed to the South Africa City Properties page.
The R&D Lab makes generates consumables.
The same parts used for the Shipyard are used for the R&D Lab. This one will be easy because you only need to get 39 parts. You should still collect them because more levels will be unlocked in the future.

0 0 0 0 0 00
1 1 1 0 1 14
2 3 3 1 3 313
3 5 5 2 5 522
4 -- -- -- -- ----
9 9 3 9 939

A Level 4 R&D Lab will make 2 consumables every 18 hours.
The 6 consumables to choose from are the ones needed for Districts 1-3. Only 2 every 18 hours isn’t going do much but they could add up if you remember to make them.
If you don’t want to go to the City Property page, you can craft these items from Union Hall on the home page.
The last property we need to work on in South Africa is the Rykdom Bank. This one isn’t on the City Property Page and is located in the upper left corner of the game. You don’t have to master any jobs to unlock this property.
If you click the “Where’s all my cash?” link, you will just get one of their goofy messages.
Clicking on the “Bank” link opens up the Rykdom Bank. This is when you learn there is a capacity and upgrading to be done.
Click the help mark to get more details.
Like the Shipyard and R&D Lab, the Rykdom Bank has 6 stages but only 5 levels.
The 1st 4 building parts can be acquired by generating a request. Click the “Ask Friend” button of which ever part you want and each request will yield 4 parts.
Like the other properties, the bad news is you can only ask once every 24 hours.
When you have enough parts, click the “Upgrade” button.
The chart below shows how many items are needed to upgrade to each level. It will take a total of 222 upgrade parts and 20 Vault Codes to reach level 5 which offers a capacity of 1 million Rand.

0 1 2 1 2 61
1 2 4 2 4 123
2 4 8 4 8 243
3 12 20 8 20 605
4 24 40 16 40 1208
5 -- -- -- -- --
43 74 31 74 22220

Once you get to Level 4, you will be stuck until new districts are released. This is because you need 8 Vault Codes to get to Level 5. You can’t get Vault Codes from feed requests and they are awarded each time you master a level. Each district has 4 levels of mastery so there are a total of 12 Alarm Codes currently available. It’s possible you can get 4 more from the Bonus District but even if you do, it’s not enough to get to Level 5.


  1. that's it, no more South Africa until they fix this pain, I will just wait until they shut it down and 3x job is on :D

  2. zynga went full retard on this one

  3. when are you people going to fix this game cant upgrade my property i hit button does nothing its been 24 hrs fix the game !!

    1. Get someone to gift you a collection piece in SA - it will allow you to start upgrading and also reset your progress in jobs to 0 - but it fixes the glitch and allows you to get the skill points again for completing jobs

  4. I was able to post (and receive) multiple parts on the bank by opening extra tabs/windows, but it didn't work on the shipyard.

    I haven't unlocked the R&D Lab yet, but I guess that will work the same as the shipyard.

  5. does not work, no way to update properties

  6. The timer is killing.. 24hrs for collecting 1 part. collecting every 18hours.. WTF .. HIgh Energy.. I think ZYNGA kills mafia wars now. start counting in 2-3 months the game won't exist anymore

  7. Not even going to try and work on this abortion of a city. E requirements are ridiculous and the fact that 5 of the first 10 jobs require consumables is a joke.

    Shove it, Zynga.

  8. I was bugged when SA started... tried now and everything is ok with props and collection.

  9. Nobody in my clan is going to keep playing to go Zynga! Fire those that had such a briliant idea!!! I can't finish the city it's just something it's there and I can't do anymore jobs unless I start at level 0 the playing field my arse. Insane decision by zynga...driving away the remaining players!!!

  10. Thanks for listing how many vault codes are needed for the bank! For now I'm just stuffing my extra cash into buying things in the city store. Better to sell them at half price later than lose them.

  11. Miranda/ ƸMƷ Mir Da'rawr {ℭ☩ℰ☩ℳ}August 9, 2013 at 7:45 AM

    Open up the bank in different tabs, and you'll be able to ask for all the parts at once (well... one at a time, but i'm hoping you get the drift).
    HOWEVER... when i tested the properties, it did NOT work. Only the first beg i posted actually posted.

    (I posted this on the main page but I guess you didn't see it)

  12. Good Luck you might have to wait til hell freezes over b-4 Z gets their head outta their A$$es! Once again the Monkeys at Z didn't think things out b-4 rushing to put in a E-hoe part of the game..Goes to show every player Z just doesn't give a frack about MW or the players

  13. i hear there accounts out there with 15k energy or that cannot do some of the ruby/gold level jobs even once. Gradient are fine but they should be based on energy not just level.

  14. I like this new District. Everyone is complaining. Why? You got your challenge now. Better than just using scripts to get rid of energy and stamina is way to easy. What about the fun? Try to figure out the best way to solve this challenge instead of complaining all day.

    1. When players that have 30k + energy cannot even do ONE job because of the energy curve it is not a challenge. It is a thinly veiled attempt to force buying skill points.

      I stopped paying to play after the kami fiasco. I see no reason to start giving these clowns money for this slop.

    2. Martin, you are bang on! Totally agree.

      Whine here, whine there...Zynga owes me, I want it now...I only cheat for my own benefit and not to hurt others...I want a change -- why did you make a change?...etc, etc, etc

      FFS, watching this game and this blog for years shows me what people must be like in real life. Selfish, never satisfied, don't work too hard, skip over challenges. Blame the messenger.

      And I agree it IS a challenge. Looks to me like Zynga gave job energy requirements that would be a challenge to balanced players.
      Perhaps they want to attract people into playing all aspects of the game.
      Maybe there are too many eHo's racing to the level cap and they would rather keep them engaged.
      Or too stamina heavy fighters who slam the system icing and some turn into bullies and some ALWAYS win the events - and Z *might* be trying to adjust that.

      MAYBE, just maybe, they want it to be a GAME again with things you may have to use strategy for...hmmm, like a Mafia hit.

    3. I agree with you Martin, ppl start whining when the game becomes a challenge, but brag about doing all the easy stuff with 'Scripts'.

  15. Time to storm the headquarters and beat the crap out of them. I have one of the bugged accounts and lost a day already. Sure they want us to spend RP, but i am already paying to play and requiring the extended time to build the properties and the high cost in energy and cash after the week before having such a flurry of activity is just pitifully stupid and poorly planned. Reminds me of the time I hurried and hurried and raced to get to the train only to wait 45 minutes for it. I have finished all the other cities and now they give us this painfully slow thing.

    Flippin idiots are doing this stuff. They need to require their code monkeys to play the game. and the map oy! I want to give them a paper cut with it!


  16. I've wasted enough of my life on this. I quit.

  17. I am surprised - My system keeps crashing in Firefox and Chrome. I uninstalled and reinstalled both still crashes. Explorer the same. Only in Africa. I also stopped auto banking no help. Am I the only one?

  18. I only get 1 part when I post my property requests not 5. 5 would be nice.

  19. I'm just doing this South Africa crap to get a couple items--then you folks can keep it. What dummy thought this up, looks like it's time to go back to poker...and it won't be Zygna poker, that's for sure. Way to screw all your loyal players Zygna.

  20. just discovered i have south afican properties its a blank page on firefox but i found them on chrome ...days wasted not upgrading!!!

  21. I'm stuck in South Africa now till god knows how long.This game sucks.As now I have to wait till every one gets to where I am.If your going to add to mafia Wars you should be ready to finish it. So get your act together and use your brains.

  22. Many in our family found that level 2 is the "fully upgraded" position for the R&D lab -- yet you display 4 levels? And a member of my mafia just posted level 4 upgrade?

    Any explanation -- or did I miss it in speed reading???

    1. There are 5 stages of each property and 10 levels so 1 star equals 2 levels. Level 4 is 2 stars and as far as you can go until more districts are released.

  23. Well I do not cheat at all but got my rykdombank at highest lvl in 2 weeks time. I now only want to upvgrade property. But for what? I already wait for new things to come and the loot I get from property I do not need anymore 80 rand every 18 hours haha one fight will get mee sometimes between 10 or 40 k someting is going wrong here and the pleasureof playing is going down ;-((

  24. I have completed all Jobs in South Africa and all bonus levels still need property parts and apparently a lot of them Zynga Sux!


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