Aug 11, 2013

South Africa Job Ratios


As explained in a previous post, the energy costs in South Africa are not the same for all players [1]. The ratios are a different story. All players who have their Top Mafia positions maxed and have mastered New York will find their experience/energy ratios are the same regardless of how much energy is required per each job. We were all hoping that South Africa would offer a job not requiring consumables or currency with a better ratio than what is available in London but we were sadly disappointed  [1]. We were sadly disappointed. The ratios for all available South Africa jobs are shown below. There may be slight variations due to rounding and the fact that the energy and experience variables are not identical.

Due to the high energy costs and consumable requirements, many players will be getting returns on their energy of less than 2.0 for a while. This will affect leveling and most will find their experience needed to level after exhausting their energy and stamina pools is much higher than normal. South Africa will not be a desirable destination to park it once it’s fully mastered.

District 1
#1 10%1.5911.6681.7091.752
#2 $+ 24%1.7641.8521.9001.945
#3 24%1.7981.8821.9001.976
#4 $+ 12%1.8131.8941.9491.992
#5 * 10%1.8351.927 1.977 2.022
#6 * 12%1.8351.927 1.977 2.023
#7 10%1.8531.9402.0092.044
#8 *$10%1.9242.2672.0802.120
#9 * 8%1.9252.0242.0802.125
#10 *$ 5%2.0312.1282.1942.234
District 2
#1 10%1.6531.735 1.783 1.817
#2 $+ 10%1.7661.8561.9101.945
#3 $+ 11%1.8351.9271.9772.023
#4 10%1.7091.7971.8571.889
#5 * 9%1.7121.7891.8591.893
#6 10%1.9091.997 2.063 2.107
#7 *$ 9%1.9282.019 2.080 2.124
#9 *10%1.9842.0822.1532.189
#10 *$7%2.0552.1472.2242.264
District 3
#2 $+8%1.9242.0262.0802.120
#4 *8%1.9242.0272.0802.120
#5 $+5%1.8351.9271.9772.022
#6 *$5%2.0202.1192.1832.120
#9 *6%1.9752.0692.1492.185
#10 *$7%2.0772.1672.2592.293
#1 *3%2.1822.2052.2232.216
#2 *$5%2.2842.3002.3112.330
#3 *3%2.2132.2442.2522.264
#4 *$3%2.2952.3232.3402.347
#5 *5%2.2192.2462.2582.288
#6 *$4%2.303--2.3302.357
* =  Consumable Required  $ = Currency Required  + = Consumable Produced 


  1. thanks hun, appreciate all you do to help us with this silly game we are addicted to.

  2. So far I have found South Africa to be worthless. It cost too much to do jobs, it gives you almost nothing back in loot drops from jobs and to build stuff like the bank is just a begging quest. I already hate it.

  3. Then ----- WHY DO IT ????????????
    I think I´m gonna think it over

  4. Remember that first districts in ALL cities have poor XP rates, and they get better when more are released. Usually the last ones are the best (unless they were late adds like London 9 and 10). So this might not be a good place to park for now (once you finish ... next year!) but there's hope that more districts will come out with good XP rates. ... at about 15k energy per click! ;-)

  5. Just trying to find a glimmer of hope here, but there are still 7 locked districts yet.

    So there could still be a chance of a job with a decent ratio without needing consumables.

    I also believe in Fairies, Leprechauns and Wizards as well :-P

    1. Expect the locked districts even higher in energy requirements. locally there is an ask button for help.

  6. Don't even care...SA is the first city I don't care playing because I won't have energy to play it...LOL! Zynga nailed the coffin on purpose on this one.

  7. Im still stuck farming consumables on the silver portion of the first district. They barely drop and I only have 7k energy. Sometimes I will use all 7k energy and get just 1 consumable. Ive been done with the job for days and I have like 13 of them.

    So far I like the fact that I have something new to do but as mentioned above the xp is absurd, the amount of energy is absurd, the drops are absurd, the begging is absurd because you are only allowed to get a few friend helps every 24 hours. The burden out weighs the bennies.

    So far Im not impressed. People with low energy wont have fun at all in this district.

    1. Try doing it with 3600 energy and see what you get! Fighter account so all mine is in stamina.

  8. are these ratio's including topmafia bonusses?

  9. Im sure you put a lot of work into this and its extremely nice but bottom line its irrelevant because it of the high consumption of energy and consumables which you calculated at 35% after doing them a few dozen times already i believe they are in the low 20s but your graph is really of no help and im balanced being 9000/9000 roughly bottom line Zynga is on drugs or they are the dumbest bunch of jerks ive seen i guess they got rid of anybody with a brain when they did their staff reduction at this rate the future districts wil be impossible even for you

  10. After reading all the comments on the LL page and my newsfeed i find myself in the minority when it comes to SA... so it's gonna take a while to complete... big deal! I kinda like having a challenge in this game. Just bang out a little progress each day and u will get there eventually. I'm a daily player who has been playing nonstop for 3+ years and can remember the good ole days of farming baht to finish Bangkok. Nowadays everybody wants instant gratification... finish it all in a couple days time... jeeze i sound like i'm 80... better shut up now.

  11. Just a suggestion, maybe you can add (+) Consumable Produced

  12. I'm just not going to do these jobs in SA for's absolute BS that SO much energy is needed and so many consumables are required for the jobs....I for one have no interest in clicking a mastered job over and over and over and over and over again just to get the items I need to do the next 2 jobs. Zynga needs to SERIOUSLY rethink their shit before more and more longtime players start leaving, which I am seriously considering myself at this point, even though I've been playing for almost 6 years now.....very disappointing.

    1. How have you been playing for almost 6 years...the game's 5th anniversary is still a month or two away...?

    2. Disregard my previous post...just saw your reply below. My bad!!

  13. Ok I agree SA is a nightmare. I guess zynga is trying to do some changes of how about many like to play. First is, that such a difficult to complete destination many will spend on Rps to buy energy and consumables. Then there is no need to add secret districts every 3 weeks the may have less work to do :) but they may keep adding who knows. Most important is that they force everyone to change the way he plays. Fighters with tons of stamina must add to energy now, same as those who add most to attack, defense and health. Ah do not forget the keep Rps for 2X build some may players change to buy Rps at least at discounted price for 2X build and use for energy items :)

  14. zynga forcing us to add to energy ... aint gonna happen ... ermmm whats that game called now .... oh yeah .. LETS FISH ... done with the stupidity that is zynga ... forcing me into changing how i build my game is the last straw

  15. 6 years? could have sworn i saw a 60% off RP for our 5th anniversary just afew days ago

    1. I started playing on Myspace almost a full year before I ever came over to Facebook ;)

  16. When all is said and done this district is more for Zynga to try and get people to spend money on the game.I mean low drop rates, need tons of energy, and beg for building materials. You can avoid all the begging by just buying RPs and then purchasing what you need. I think this is the real idea behind this area.

  17. Keep whining, Stamina Stans. You made your choice. Leave if you don't like it; nobody is forcing you to play this free game.

  18. Just asking a topic unrelated question:
    Do the 15% laundering fees in SA is after the bonus of Money Laundering Collection, or the Money Laundering Collection bonus doesn't apply in SA??? Thanks 4 take attention on this...

  19. The little ones are having a ball with this!! Their energy is low and so the energy needed is low. Not sure of the ratio but the jobs only require those with less than 400 energy is only 61. The consumables dropped 15 times during first run. Maybe your energy is holding you back. Little one is having a blast. :) about time Zynga makes it easy for the newbies. Also thanks Jen :) btw ss is available if you want one.

  20. I have to say that im surprised that you people still have such low amounts of energy and stam.... I quit the game a year ago and had 150k energy, 100k stam and i serial leveled with cheating (aka no kamis).... If you have less than 100k of either, you have failed at MW and might as well just quit. Sorry to be harsh but most people have been playing the game incorrectly lol (my opinion)

    1. You say you're surprised that we don't all have 150k stats, but you ADMIT you cheated, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to your logic there, saying people who DON'T cheat are failures? IMO, cheaters are the MAIN reason so many people left MW in the first place. I for one am GLAD you haven't been playing in over a year.

    2. Chill out scooter, i simply mis-typed. Meant to say 'without'.

      And you should be glad i have quit, i used to crush little noobs like you hahaha

  21. All players who have their Top Mafia positions maxed and have mastered New York will find their experience/energy ratios are the same regardless of how much energy is required per each job. Cheap LOL Boost
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  22. I think we all forget the name of this game....."MAFIA WARS'....a game where those with power take from the weak. It was only time for Zynga to decide to play by the same rules, and use THEIR power to extract RPS from those who wanted to stay in business. As a small business owner in the old days, you paid for protection or you closed your doors (or had them closed for you). Zynga rules....either you pay, or don't play!

    Many of us find that shooting fake bullets at fake mafias, purchased with fake money, while watching your opponents heal in a fake hospital using their fake money without actually doing any damage to them a really boring exercise in futility. Thinking back to the old days, when you robbed someone, they had to pay money to rebuild their properties, often hindering their ability to purchase the weapons to continue progressing in the game. We very quickly learned that we got at least 25% more EXP from Stamina than from Energy, so we focused on A/D and Stamina to be able to level easier and accumulate more and stronger weapons.

    The bottom line here is that each of us has a preferred way of playing this game, and when Z starts trying to force us to play it in some other way, we get upset, with many leaving the game. SA is a clear example of their attempt to drive out the 'free' players by using their muscle and increasing the 'payoff' from those who are so dedicated to the game and the friends they have made that they will pay the price. I personally don't care if I ever finish SA, so I will be patient and continue to play the game MY way.

  23. There's no time limit. Play it and finish it when you can. New York was full of tasks that required you to do completed jobs to obtain items for other jobs. You had to get cameras in order to do the job to get black mail photos in order to complete at the Boss level jobs.

    It's so funny to see all the money players/fighters cry on these pages. Any time it becomes a little difficult for you, you start whining. No one is forcing you to play SA. Suck it up or go play farmville.

  24. I have always felt a profile that was overly heavy in either stamina or energy was going to have too many cons. There is no time limit for the completion of SA so why all the grief? Where does it say that if you cant complete a city in a few days it is a bust? I much prefer SA to simply clicking on a useless job just to burn energy.

  25. hey if it not too much to ask .. I have a request .. can you also say which consumable is required how much per level .. I know its damn lazy of me.. but suggestion is for next time .. not in this post .. maybe next 1 ..

    1. Use the navigation tab and all that information has been posted already :)

  26. This is not true, tome ruby second district highest job is 6.35K

  27. SA is HARD. But: There's nothing wrong with having a rolling system where the high level players have to work for once instead of smashing through the scene in a week. I've got a novel idea: don't spend money. Play the game. When you're on downtime, get a hobby, job, life, etc... I like SA because it levels the playing field. A big Boo-hoo for all the complainers.

  28. I completed the first three districts and am almost done with the bonus district... which leads me to my question. Do I have to finish the bonus (4th) section to open the new territories or is that something that Zynga will just open in due time?



  29. The S. Africa ratios are low and not worth it now but remember, Zynga alters job ratios from time to time if/when they randomly feel like it...let's hope for better ratios but do not hold your :-)


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