Aug 5, 2013

Cape Town, South Africa


Many asked what the image for the 3rd Caption Contest has to do with South Africa [1]. Comments from players who live there or know South African geography show the image is telling. It appears to resemble Mostert’s Mill and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden both located in Cape Town South Africa. Thanks to Steve Sinclair and ScotBok for the information.



  1. the images don't confuse me at all as ti what they have to do with South Africa


  2. who cares just let it start so i can forget about doing 150 ices total joke stopped at lvl 9 bored

  3. the flowers in the greenhouse resemble Protea which South Africa is famous for

  4. Does South Africa open once one gets ruby on both items?

  5. think everyone is forgetting that these "ideas" come from Zygna and the minds of the incredibly stoned! Therefore, a greenhouse, for growing their pot, thus the hand shake as the drug smuggling continues, and the flowers, you may ask?? LOL just a decorative cover up that has nothing to do with anything like everything else in the game..... To figure things out, stop being logical as it never works in this game!!!

  6. The Protea flower shown in the hothouse does not grow as a single flower in a pot.They grow on large bushes.


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