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Jul 13, 2013

Spockholm Toolbar Down


UPDATE: It's now fixed!

By now, many have noticed their Spockholm Toolbar isn’t loading. Team Spockholm is aware of the problem and they are working on fixing it. Try not to panic and go here for more details and feedback. Zynga is rooting for a speedy fix as most won't play without their Spockholm Toolbar!



  1. I'm sure this is your fault, Jen. After all, you can't deny that you've blogged about the Spockholm toolbar! :P jk jk jk!

    1. lol and now Team Spockholm is sitting on me and my family, sheesh!

    2. Well see, that proves that it's your fault! lol

  2. BTW GreaseMonkey updated their code also today!

  3. 3rd party scripts are as much against zynga TOS as kamis, u shouldnt call other peole names for doing something everyone do

  4. yo, fighters, has anyone else been around long enough to remember the huge war council held years and years ago before zynga expanded support and before the loot lady blog? it is not in the best interest of any of the players for the two parties, including zynga, for the game to continue in the direction it is going. if the war clans agree to basic guidelines to increase fighter envy and shun the players killing the game, that is a win-win situation for all the players. yes, there will be idiots who figure out a way to ignore the resulting treaty, but when has that ever not been the case? let them beat us, who cares. what zynga and brown nosers have increasingly produced over the past four years is a lose-lose where a game about mafias killing each other has become something we have to force ourselves to play, not the game that was so exciting we had to remind ourselves to eat and sleep. enough is enough. war clans, please hold a war council, no zynga, no obligatory collectors, just war clans, to come up with a solution that will benefit both players and zynga. fighter envy was a motivator for players and a money maker for zynga. bring it back.

  5. "3rd party scripts are as much against zynga TOS as kamis, u shouldnt call other peole names for doing something everyone do"
    this needs to be all in caps and placed where EVERY player sees it. people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, jen and everyone else on this blog. just because zynga capitulated about spockholm to the loot lady, etc, does not mean spock or any tool is "cheating" any less. some players took our tool, the kami account, and went too far, but serious players have been using kamis for over five years with the full knowledge of zynga. why? because the money of the operators of the kamis spends just as well as the money of the rest of you. the last boycott was wimpy. but some of us remember the boycott that scared the living daylights out of zynga. if we cannot find a solution agreeable to the players as well as zynga, then it is time for a real boycott, across all zynga games. the farville players are just as miserable as the mafia wars players right now.

  6. I do not care how much anyone spends. and just because Zynga is unethical enough to allow it, it does not give the players the right to take advantage of it. Just because we build characters that are despicable in nature, in no way justifies our acting like our characters. GROW UP


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