Jul 1, 2013

How to Use The Cheat Engine for Candy Crush


UPDATE:  Forget all of this and go here for a much easier way!

If you don’t play Candy Crush, simply roll your eyes and don’t read this post. I was asked by several players how to use the Cheat Engine and figured it would be easier to write a post then explain it to several different people (shout out to my sister-in-law who is stuck on Level 70!). If you think cheating is an act worse then murder, than this post has nothing for you and you too can move on. When I started playing Candy Crush, I had no intentions of cheating. I loved the challenge and felt that was what made the game fun. After being on the same level for a week it got boring and I quickly changed my philosophy. I felt like I was playing a Zynga game and the constant offers to buy things because of my poor performance got annoying. We used the Cheat Engine for the FarmVille2 and CityVille2 cross game promotions so I figured it would apply to this game and it does. Below may not be the best guide in the world but it’s how I got it to work. If you have further suggestions or would like to contribute your findings, please comment to help others.

Before you can use the Cheat Engine, you need to install it on your computer. To do this, follow the instructions below.

1.  Launch Internet Explorer (finally a use for IE!).
ie2.  Click the link below and you will be directed to the Cheat Engine Download Page. Before you blindly download, make sure you don’t accept any additional programs. All you want is the Cheat Engine 6.3. The other stuff is spam and programs that you don’t want could be added to your computer. Do not use this if you don’t know how to properly download a program. Only accept Cheat Engine 6.3. UPDATE: The steps below all have images from version 6.2.

Once the program is properly installed, you can start. The first step is to load Candy Crush. For reasons shown below, it’s best to keep using Internet Explorer. You can use other browsers but it will make things more difficult. Start you game as normal and stop once you get to the game page.
Stop on this screen
Now launch the Cheat Engine and follow the steps below.

1. Open up Cheat Engine 6.2 by clicking on the Windows icon located in the bottom left corner of your screen and then select the Cheat Engine program.
42. You get a big page that has a lot of areas. Don’t let it confuse you. This is really easy after a few tries.
53. Go to the upper left corner and click on the computer icon (highlighted in alternating red and green). This is where you will select your process. If you pick the wrong one, it won’t work.
4.  A Process List will appear. Your job is to select the right one for the browser you are in. The less things you have open on your computer, the better your odds. If you play the game in Internet Explorer, there will usually only be 2 options if you don’t have a lot of tabs or windows open. This is the easiest way. It’s normally the second one on the list. Select it and then click “Open”.
You can play and launch the program from Chrome, FireFox or other browsers (it only has to be installed from Internet Explorer) but as you can see, there will be many more to choose from and selecting the correct process is key to making this work. The easiest way around that is to just play in Internet Explorer. If your Flash is properly installed, it's not that bad.
5.  Once your process is selected, go to your game page and see how many moves you have. You can start this at any point of your game. In the example below, I have 30 moves. Go to the area where is says “Hex” and type in the current number of moves and click enter. Do NOT check the box and don’t forget to hit enter. It won't work if you don't click enter.
Wait a few seconds and a list of addresses with values of the number you entered will appear. 
6.  Now go to your game and do a move. You can do more than one, you just need a different number than the one you originally entered.
7.  Go back to the Cheat Engine and enter the new number of moves in the same fashion as outlined in step 5 and hit enter. Repeat these steps until you only have 2 addresses. You can do it with more but they all need to be the same value. In this case it wasn’t, so another move was required.
For Candy Crush, I find there are usually 2 addresses and the values will match. Repeat the steps above until you get the same. It normally only takes one move. 
8.  Now highlight the 2 address (or more if you have more). It’s easiest to click on one of them and then hit the Control key and the A key at the same time to highlight. You just want them to ALL be blue and then click on the little red arrow located to the right of the lower right corner of the addresses box to move them to the box below.
If you did everything right, the 2 address will appear in the box below.
9.  Now click on one of them to select and the Control plus the A key again to highlight all of them.
10.  Right click on any of them and from the menu of options, choose “Change record”.
11.  From the next menu, choose “Value”. Left click on your mouse as you normally do to select.
If you did everything right, a box will appear with your value in it.
12.  Change it to whatever you want. I find 100 is usually enough but some of these levels are so hard, you may need more. Click “OK”.
What ever number you changed the value to will now be how many moves you have left. If you find the game ends before they ran out, it means you didn’t change all of the processes. That is important. As long as you highlight them all, you will be ok.
You can make as many moves as you would like. If you complete a level before you use all your moves and it gets stuck, simply close out your Cheat Engine and it will stop.
The steps shown above can also be used to change your score. You will end up with more processes but it’s the same concept. In order to do so, you will need to close out the current program and relaunch it. If you make the score too high, you may find your browser crashes and if that’s the case, you’ll need to start all over. If the browser or the Cheat Engine closes at any point or it doesn’t work, you have to go back to step one.
When it’s time to move to the next game, close out your current Cheat Engine session and relaunch. Don’t bother saving your list. Click “No” and move on. 
If you get stuck on a level and find having a bunch of extra moves isn’t helping you, goggle the level and there are many sites that provide helpful information. From that, you can decided what if anything needs to be changed.


  1. every game u have to have a cheat for dont u? why even bother playing it?

    1. I told you not to read this if you were against cheating. You still have to play, it's just more fun to not worry about running out of moves. This game was designed to be impossible at the higher levels so it's either use this or quit. Until you play and get stuck in this game, stop asking stupid questions.

    2. I hit level 256 without cheating......but that's one bitch of a level and it's ass is mine tonight....three weeks. I don't mind a little back handed deal every now and then! :)

  2. Thanks so much, a few more moves never hurt anyone. :)

  3. (clap) I can't wait to try this! Thank you so much!

  4. There's an easier way, one step. Use this extention in Firefox. Done!

  5. 3.8 MILLION I might get flagged for that 1

  6. Jennifer, when I went to your link all I could find was 6.3 and it sure isn't like you outlined. What to do???

    1. Sorry about that, I had the other version downloaded and the images came from that. Try the easier way, it's so much better. See the post above this one.

  7. One question how much does Zynga pay you to promote all this crap and all the loot that you promote (for sales) !

    1. That is the most hilarious question yet as Zynga doesn't even make this game. Haters should get their facts right before trolling. And people wonder why the trolls are called idiots.

    2. not a hater read your blog everyday just a retired business man that knows the score somebody pays ya i don't play these games thats why i didnt know who made it

    3. I apologize then. The thing is nobody pays me and yet I deal with haters all the time who accuse me of everything. I do this as a hobby but it's getting old very fast.

    4. QUOTE!!!! " just a retired business man that knows the score " No you don't dumb ass If you knew the score 1. you would know the company is King and 2. Do your research Business man MWLOOTLADY is a respected person within OUR gaming community, if you don't play the games do one! Gardening world have a good Blog!

  8. I recommend a clean install of windows after running that Cheat Engine garbage. It's been known to install trojans, spyware, keyloggers, and other latent malware.

    1. That is true if you don't download it properly and click on the ads. When downloading anything, you need to be careful to only accept the program and nothing else.

  9. starts like program will download but keep getting "cheatengine62.exe couldn't be downloaded"
    I've tried run, save and save as still I cant get cheat engine to download.

  10. Thank you Jen for killing one more game zynga ...hahahahaha

  11. can u explain about timer stage.. thanks..

    1. Just hack the score instead of the moves on the timer stage.

      1. Move once, get 60 points.
      2. Quickly jump to cheat engine and scan for 60.
      3. Move again, get 120 points.
      4. quickly jump to cheat engine and scan for 120.

      Repeat until 1 or 2 values are shown. These are the values for your score.

      5. Change the value of your score to whatever it takes to win.
      6. Wait for the timer to run out.

  12. me on level 286 without using any cheats, and i started playing game in may 13

    1. That's what we call a no-lifer. Get a life, stop living in candy crush, hack a little, and get to level 286! Win-win situation there.

    2. except there is no achievement, congrats, you just confirmed your sheep-hood

      are you patting yourself on the back for pushing that button to his level 286?
      what exactly is the point, other than to try to deceive people you did it legitimately?
      the only person you cheat is yourself, someone who cannot overcome challenge, but needs the psychological feeling of victory even when cheating. It would be like giving the referee a couple bucks, walking to the finish line of a race and screaming I WIN

      I wondered why Americans like cheats so much. Then I saw their country.

  13. I am wondering, since I , like a fool, purchased gold bars, could that be blocking this cheat from working. I followed directions more than once, got as far as changing the hex number, but then back to Candy Crush, it was still the same.
    So wondering of having gold bars is stopping this from workiing. I know on Firefox ext, it does not work if you every purchased gold bars.

  14. Gold bars dont prevent it from working. My wife has been stuck on 208 for about a month. I used the leethax plugin for firefox this morning and it was simple got her through that level and turned it off. Cheat Engine is a fantastic program but its always a bit touchy with Flash.

  15. I downloaded the previous verssion 6.2 and your directions worked perfectly. I have spent a lot of $$$ on Candy Crush, some levels impossible. I only use this when really stuck. Note I am on level 335 before I even downloaded this.

  16. can this be used to increase gold bar?

  17. does it have to be downloaded in Explorer, i downloaded it in chrome and it does not work for me

  18. anyone know how to use cheat engine for gold bars?

  19. if you set the moves to one (1) and lock it, any bombs on the screen will have their number frozen.

    also, if you use cheat engine to set your score, set it to a little above the three stars amount and freeze them. Otherwise you will have a too large score that might raise flags

  20. Hi, Cheat Engine is nice, but can you automate a little more? I want to work, so I need a program that can automatically play on my behalf.

  21. thank you so much. mafia war loot lady

    I like know about] how t]o increase time...can we cheat] on timer ? please help me if you know it how

  22. how do we lock for the bombs pls help

  23. how to get tickets to unlock all the levels?

  24. you also can use this hack on plants vs zombies , fruit ninja , farm2 (hack money) feeding frenzy2 (hack life) and so on

  25. can you use it for mafia wars?

  26. I love love love this trick.It worked very well for me.Thank you so much.


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