Jul 1, 2013

1 Step Cheating for Candy Crush


When it comes to cheating at Candy Crush, forget everything you read in my previous post [1]. There is a much easier way that doesn’t require all the steps. All you need to do is install a FireFox extension called leethax.net. Instead of manipulating the number of moves or the score for each individual game, this extension will keep your number of lives and boosts at 99. The beauty of this technique is as long as you have the extension enabled, it will happen automatically and there isn’t anything in addition to launching the game that needs to be done.

You will also have a supply of eligible boosters for each game but only 1 can be used per game.
Before you begin, make sure you have FireFox installed. If you don’t, go here and follow the instructions. This extension only works in FireFox so you will need to play the game in that browser as well. Because you will need to restart FireFox to properly install the extension, make sure you close out all your tabs.

1.  To get started, you need to install the program. To do this click the link below. Since the only works in FireFox, the game must be played in that browser.

2.  When you arrive on the landing page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Firefox Extension”.
3.  Click on the “Install Extension!” button. DO NOT click on the download buttons that are 3rd part advertisements.
4.  The developers of this program wish that you cheat responsibly so read what they have to say and if you’re cool with it click the “I understand and agree with the above” button.
5. Depending on your security settings, you may need to allow the program to be installed. Look for this message in the upper left corner of your screen. Click “Allow” to proceed.
6. Wait for the “Install” countdown.  
7.  Click “Install Now”.
8.  Look for another message box in the upper left corner of your screen and click on “Restart Now”. If you don’t restart the browser, it won’t be added to the extensions.
Once the broswer restarts, you’re done and won’t need to do steps 1-8 again unless you remove the extension. To manage your FireFox extensions, click on “Tools” located at the top left of the screen. Select “Add-ons”.
Now select “Extensions” which is the second option in the left column of the page. If you installed the extension properly, you will see “leethax.net extension 2013.06.11” on your list. The “Disable” button can be used to turn off the program and the “Remove” button to get rid of it. If you remove it then you will need to redownload if you want to use it again. If you turn it off, simply click the “Enable” button to turn it back on.
Now that the program is installed and you know where to find it, there is nothing more you need to do. Just play your game as normal but you will be boostered up. You will need to complete the level in the required number of moves available but use the boosters to make it work. Before you click the “Play” button. Make sure the boosters that you are eligible to use for your level have a checkmark. Just click on them. These will only be given to you 1 time at the start of the game. 
The boosters that you checked will appear on the first screen of your game and you won’t get more unless you create them through moves.
Now look in the top right corner. You will have 99 of each type of booster available for your level. Use these to complete the level.
The Paint Brush Booster will add stripes to the piece of candy you select. On my the number is infinity and I can only use it once. Move the brush horizontally or vertically to pick your stripe.
The +5 Moves booster adds 5 extra moves to your total. This one only works once for me as well.
If the results are the same for all users, be cautious of when to use the boosters shown above. Once they are used, a block sign will appear over them. The other boosters are skies the limit as the refresh to “99” after each use.
The Lollipop Hammer will eliminate the candy of your choice. Click on it and select your candy and it will be gone.
The Free Switch will switch two adjacent pieces of candy. Click on the booster then select the 2 candies you want to switch.
The Sweet Teeth booster will gobble up a random path of candies. This one is my favorite.
There are more booster available but they are according to your level and the game will tell you have to use them. With the leethax extension, you can breeze through each level in 1 sitting rather than waiting weeks or even months. Your lives also refill to 99 upon each launch so there is no more messing with that either. You may have 99 problems but a life ain’t 1! Thanks to an anonymous comment on recommending a much easier way to cheat and of course the developers of this awesome program. The FAQ can be found here.


  1. Replies
    1. Cause its fun and in this game you can be stuck on the same level for weeks even months. It's either quit or cheat. I wasn't going to cheat until I got stuck.

  2. This blog isn't going to become Candy Crush Lady I hope.... I remember when you used to complain about people posting things for other games on here 0.o

    1. It depends on my mood. Nothing much happened in Mafia Wars this weekend and I have a lot of real life friends and family who play Candy Crush so the posts are mostly for them so I don't have to explain it to 5 or 10 different people. Plus I like the game so it was fun making those posts. Mafia Wars used to be fun for me to write about as well but now I only really enjoy writing about the Spockholm scripts. The rest is a snooze fest and I'm not sure how much longer I want to do it for.

    2. This is awesome Jen, thanks so much, Makes it a lot more fun than being stuck for a few weeks, I still try the normal way a couple of times but this stops frustration lol, thanks again

    3. <3 much love for the Candy Crush post! I would like to send my friends lives as well and I thought I remember you mentioning there is a trick for that. Would love to see a post on that suggestion as well! I often play on my iPad so using this for lives on it wouldn't work. Thanks!

      As for Mafia Wars. Played it from Fall 2008 to Fall 2012. Spockholm was the only interesting thing in the game left, other than friends. Glad I stopped playing.

  3. You will reach levels that you still will get hung on for days with the cheats. I can't talk my wife into using it oh, she will just get pissed and holler at everyone for weeks!!

  4. This is awesome! There's got to be something like this that will work for Mafia Wars....

    1. This cheats are for flash type games and don't work on Mafia Wars. Many have tried, lol.

  5. Is this CandyCrushLootLady now or what? Is there a connection to MW? Not that I know of. Love ya, Jen, but maybe create a separate blog if you love it so much? lol ;)

    1. It's whatever I fell like writing. Funny things is about 3Xs more people read the Candy Crush posts than they do the Mafia Wars one. I will never make a separate blog. It's this one or nothing. I would guess about 1/3-1/2 of my mafia friends play this game too so it's safe to say that many readers do as well. I have summary posts on the home page so if something doesn't interest you, you simply don't have to read it. We all should be making a plan B for when Mafia Wars shuts down.

    2. And plan B is to play yet another Zynga game that will end up the same?.... No thank you.

    3. If you did a little research or even read the comments, you would see that this game is not a Zynga game. It's made by King. I will never play a Zynga game again unless it's for a cross promo for Mafia Wars and I think they stopped doing those cause we could figure out how to cheat on all of them.

  6. Yay! New levels!

  7. Candy wont load with it :(

  8. Thank you for this! and all the info on MW too!

  9. Just wondering if there is a problem with candy crush cheat...Can not use the gold bars anymore. If someone can answer this it would be much appreciated.


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