Jun 30, 2013

London Property Bug


UPDATE&EDIT: The same workaround for the Brazil and Las Vegas properties will work for this one too. Thanks to Jo Gilliam for doing further testing.

First there was the Brazil Property Bug [1].  Then came the Las Vegas Bug [1]. We now present....the London Property Bug. It’s the same thing as those who try to build their properties are told “You do not meet the requirements” even though they do. A workaround for the Brazil and Las Vegas Property Bugs is outlined here but it appears to work for the London Property Bug. Those of us who have long since built our properties are not affected by this but Zynga needs to fix all 3 of these bugs if they want to keep newer players in the game. Thanks to Joe Smith and Patti Payne Sheppard for posting this issue on our fan page. Please comment if you find a workaround. 



  1. Even though you have the items I think you have to finish the Job tiers before you can even build the property, it will show yes but won't let you build till you finish job tier. I gifted all items to someone else and they had everything to build but did not have job tiers done and they had same ss...

  2. I used to have a problem like that to start building at Las Vegas, I asked for a collection item as gift to my mafia, when I had it in my inventory it allowed me to start building....

    Sergio Garov

  3. I had this bug for both Las Vegas and London properties. The solution was to request a collection item for each location. When you receive the item the location gets reset i.e. all progress in that location is reset to zero and all collection items specific to that location are removed. Once you've mastered the relevant jobs the properties become available and this time build without a problem.


  4. My problem is now solved thats to a new friend that read my post here at the famous (MWLL) site. It was just getting a friend to send a collection item for the affected city and everything got reset! Had to start all the jobs in those cities again, but so happy the game is normal now. :) Thank you for posting it MWLL!


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