Mar 14, 2013

Fight Loot Generation 22


The 22nd generation of fight loot is now dropping from fights, robs and Arenas. To see if these items help you, use the Show Worst Items Spocklet or the Inventory Grouper once it’s updated.
The items are nice to look at but will not help most players. Only one is of a different category than what was offered in the Arena.


  1. I wouldn't mind spending my stamina in the arena if the power-ups were easier to get. I have hardly ever gotten a power card from the news feed -- what is the limit, 2? You have to have a whole bunch of health refills because no matter how much real health you have, you are capped in the arena, and you have to have at least one stamina refill, which cost rps.

  2. The SVR is not a substitute... It increase defense, and the others increase attack... =)

  3. not sure why there's so much complaining about the Arena. I think it's a great feature if you're not a pay to play account (like me)

    This isn't even a fighter account but it's an easy way to dump stamina and get decent loot/free arena boosts at the same time.

    Makes for a a way faster level up scenario for me as well.........a lot less aggravating than the FL to burn stamina when you're not a power player. Good feature even with it's glitches because the game as a whole has been plagued with glitches since the beginning.

  4. The stats for the Airmaster and Vampire Squid are the other way around so do not actually make the FHEL items obsolete at this time.

  5. Thanks everyone :) It's fixed. I guess this is what happens when I try to go to fast. Appreciate the comments.

  6. why do zynga never keep henchmen in the fight loot??

    1. i think you will find they save the henchmen for vip players and secret districts, hence how the vip players stay some ahead of non vip with the loot scores still being close on some items


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