Feb 4, 2013

Family Boss Fight: Mick Gouda


There is a new Family Boss in town. His name is Mick Gouda and there is something very exciting about his image. I will bore you with the Boss Fight details further in this post. Mike Nestor the Godfather of the [MIG] Family is really into tattoos. In May of 2011 he got a Mafia Wars tattoo on his left forearm [1]. If you look closely at Mick Goudas tattoo, it is identical to Mikes. It’s really cool that Zynga did this. Besides the last name, I have no idea what the mouse eating the cheese is all about but maybe Zynga knows something about Mike that we don’t. To see more of Mikes tattoos, go to his photo album here.
This Family Boss Fight works like all the others. Go here for more of the finer details. The Superior loot items are shown below. The Rare and Uncommon items are the same ones offered in the Daniella Deuce Family Boss Fight.
The 4 combos are shown below.
Another cool thing about this Family Boss is he didn’t scare Daniella Deuce away and families can work on 2 bosses at the same time.


  1. Isn't Gouda a type of cheese or something spelled like that ?

    1. Yes it is. Named after my hometown 'Gouda' in the Netherlands.

  2. Really, you don't get the symbolism behind the mouse? It's insinuating that Mike is the pied piper!

  3. Yes it is, it's a city in The Netherlands, making this cheese ;)

  4. I only have the one boss fight the new one never showed up yet with him on it .

  5. I think this is Zynga's way of telling Nestor to finally get a haircut. Sheeeeesh!

    - Frank

  6. I don't know about tattoo, but he sure does look like Jason Statham.

  7. the mouse on the shoulder reminded me of shawshank redemption.. does he live in cali by any chance?

  8. Lmao !!! im not cutting my hair and i dont live in Cali :)

  9. I think I may have finally figured out how the top loot item works.

    If someone in the fight hits for 100K points, then the top loot item is awarded randomly to one person who hit above 10K points.

    This has been consistent in several fights in our family. We haven't done any work on figuring out what the actual minimum top damage is to unlock the big prize, and we're not certain if it's really one per fight or if it's unlocking a chance at the top prize for everyone, but it does seem to be working for us.


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