Feb 11, 2013

Click Trap Remover: Update & Now in the Chrome Webstore


In July of last year, Facebook made some changes and gamers were no longer able to copy text or links off their requests and the very popular Click Trap Remover was born [1]. Another round of changes broke it and a second version hit the scene [1]. Version 2 also provided a shortened link which made things even better. This version stopped working for many in Chrome and some improvements were made. The tool is now available in the Chrome Web Store which removes the need to bypass it when installing. To use the latest version of the Click Trap Remover click the link which corresponds to the browser of your choice  below and follow the instructions below.

To use this tool in FireFox, click on the link above and follow the instructions here.


1. The link above will direct you to the Click Trap Remover And Shortlinker Chrome Webstore Page. Click on the “Add To Chrome” button located in the upper right corner.
If you get a download error, open Chrome in a incognito window and try again. Thanks to David Haddlesey for this suggestion.
2. Click on the “Add” button from the popup.
3. A verification window will appear to the right of your browser bar. That’s all there is to it.
4. For maximum optimization, make sure you disable previous versions of this tool. To do this, click on the icon with the 3 bars next to your browser, select Tools and then Extensions.
Remove the older versions by clicking on the garbage can icon and select remove.


  1. Hi Jen,

    I'm getting this error http://prntscr.com/seccg

    BTW, I'm using comodo dragon Version Although its chrome based. It might be the reason?

    1. Thanks, an edit was made about what you can do when you get those errors.

  2. nothing more simple than adding that, thx

  3. I initially got the error just clicking the link for Chrome. After I logged into the store, the link worked fine.

  4. hwy is it that my version is 2.1 and the chrome-store version is 2.0 ??

    reframe preventor, hybrid unframe, and disable autoposting are all 3 not available from chrome store... would be nice if they were.

  5. Me gusta! Thank you! :o)

  6. The big question remains: is it Zynga or Facebook that will win the race of going out of business first?

  7. downloaded to Dragon from Chrome link to Webstore, after Removing older versions in Extensions. Thanks! (I never had CTR 1 or 2 working, so I hope this latest one takes care of that).


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