Jan 18, 2013

Spartacus Updates


Team Spockholm has made some cool updates Spartacus which is their Arena scripts. For instructions on how to install and use it, go here. If your family is having trouble gaining enough Crests for the Family Inheritance Arena Event, you may want to consider ditching your Respect so you can gain more Crests. Go here for instructions on how to do this. Using this technique along with Spartacus should help smaller families get there before the event expires.
Rather than being limited in choosing one type of opponent, there is now an option to attack all players who are alive regardless of their score, health meter status or Respect rating.
The ability to auto use Kamikaze Power Ups was also added. Check the box and enter the number of seconds you would like to use it. Spartacus will use it on the player with the highest health so you get the maximum amount of damage. Setting this too low could cause issues as you will need to be alive. If your character is dead when the time hit, the Kamikaze can’t be used. For maximum benefit, it’s best to be watching Spartacus so you can heal yourself. At this time there is not an option to auto use the other Power Ups.
Players who have a stamina pool less than 3,000, have a 20 Arena on their account (thanks to Commander Nikos for figuring that one out). If you have the 20 Arena on your account, the option to join it is now available.


  1. would be cool if there was an option to attack easy then normal then hard basically easist ppl first

  2. Delay attacking AT ALL for (...) Seconds would be a nice touch. It would be great if it stated Personal & Family crests gained too ;) ~ Clive

  3. easy - just put your option to "Least Points ALive"

  4. Can the Scriptwriters for Spartacus/even those others Please remove the profile check.. it is a bad.. Some of my members are reporting being attack after the won an arena by same players they met. Also some send nasty message or threat.

    1. These were recent updates that I still need to post about. This is a player versus player type game so the answer would be no. It's unfortunate that there are a lot if idiots who play this game.

    2. If you play manually in the Arena you can't get there profile or know what family they are. So you don't need to update that part. Would you be happy your clan tag being run after the Arena by an upset arena player or you get stupid message ?

    3. Most will use it for strategic purposes so they can improve their own character when they are beat in the Arena. Spockholm can't control what players decide to do with the information. You can get all this information manually. You just need to be computer savvy and know how to get it. Spockholm makes that part fair for all players.

    4. Most idiots are not computer savvvy, savyy? :-)


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