Dec 12, 2012

The Power of Spartacus


Spartacus has been in beta for about 5 days now [1]. It’s the perfect solution for players who don’t like fighting in the Arena but would like the rewards and benefits. With the right settings you can achieve decent results. One player has already received all of the Damage Dealer and View from the Top achievements!
I’ve only done manual Arenas and still have a ways to go. My theory for trying so hard now is that there are still players in the Arena. If things don’t change, I predict that weaker players will slowly drop off and only the strong will be utilizing the feature. It may be more difficult in the future to come in 1st place.
Spartacus can’t really help with the other achievements. Zynga is the only one who can help us and that's my strategy. Whining about their ridiculousness could maybe lead to change! It’s very frustrating to see these.
The best settings to get the most 1st place finishes are to attack the player with the most points and to attack until stamina is gone. For more details on using Spartacus go here. Team Spockholm has done a great job in improving this Spocklet and as soon as I stop caring about Respect, I plan to use it.


  1. Thank you, Jen! Was needing some help with this

  2. everytime I try to use sparticus I lose all my stamina, full stamina, setting are set to stop when stamina left...value 0, after 1 arena all my stamina is gone???

  3. i have been useing this none stop, and have noticed, the selction is not always what i am fighting, ex if i choose most respect alive, it is hitting people with the lease respect alive and skips the most, on the most points, it jumps around the person with the highest points, it is hard to judge sometimes but on the few occasions you can watch, you will see this happening.

  4. The only trouble I'm having with Spartacus (which is wunnnnnerful, <3 you boys at Spockholm) is that once I launch it I have to use all of my remaining stamina, because once launched I can't get the stamina back if I go back to the "regular" part of the game outside the arena. It's gone gone gone no matter what I load, reload or where I go.

  5. The only way someone could have all those achievements using this is if they have a) High attack/defense and b) LOTS Of stamina (i.e. serial leveler). If you have unlimited stamina then you will have enough to do well. If not, no way in hell you can get that many using it. High stamina is a HUGE factor in winning in the arena, expecially if you can use power attacks the entire time.

  6. to anonymous above you need to use the configure button to set up how much stamina you use, you can preset it or you can tell it to when to stop by changing the setting to stop now.


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