Dec 27, 2012

How To Remove Inactive Facebook Friends


The Remove Friends Spocklet has had an update. Many scripts which run off the Facebook API broke when some changes were made to prevent use of 3rd party scripts (mainly Timeline Removers). One that is often used by Mafia Wars players was Remove FB Friends which allows you to automate the process of removing all the people who quit playing Mafia Wars. A more detailed review of the best way to target your inactive mafia members can be found here. To get started, drag the Spocklet shown below to your bookmark toolbar. This script runs on Facebook so it’s not possible to use it from your Spockholm Mafia Toolbar.

In order to tell who is active and who quit playing, you will need to run the Mafia Manager 2 times. It’s up to you to decide what you consider inactive. I normally do this once every few weeks but I’ve been slacking and it’s been a few months. it’s best to run this tool in FireFox because players with large mafias will quickly learn that Chrome doesn’t have enough storage capacity for 2 runs.
Once your 2 runs are complete, click on the top “Compare with latest” link.
Now click on the “all” sorting link until you get to the inactive section. A list of all players with no activity in your specified time range (the time between runs) will appear.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the list of Facebook ID numbers. Team Spockholm makes it easy as all you need to do is click on the “Copy Beta” botton.
Now go to your Facebook account and click on the Remove FB Friends Spocklet you added to your bookmark toolbar. If you aren’t on the Friends Page, click ok and the script will direct you there.
Once on the Friends Page, click the Remove FB Friends Spocklet again and the program will launch in the upper left corner of the page.
Paste the list of Facebook ID numbers you copied from the Mafia Manager into the box.
Click the “Start” and wait for all your inactive Facebook friends to be removed. I keep a pretty active mafia and it was sad to see that in only 2 months over 300 of them quit playing.
I know I’m not alone and many players probably have a lot of Facebook friends who no longer play Mafia Wars [1].
Thanks to Brandon Venery and Mike Nestor for helping with the draggable version of the Remove FB Friends Spocklet for this post.


Shinoda said...

Any news on when can we see an updated version of 'Remove Disabled FB friends' bookmarlet ????

It's been more than 4 months now that it has stopped working.


Anonymous said...

mafia manager is sorta jacked up at the moment. It shows a bunch of mafia that I have removed a long time ago. If I click remove it just hang there on "removing".

Anonymous said...

mine also is hung up on 'removing', 1300 I need to delete

Anonymous said...

this isnt 100% tho, it think inactive members are thos with out stats updates / new levels, so i dont trust this fully

Anonymous said...

for some reason it's not removing my friends. it goes through the motions like it's working but it doesn't actually remove the friends

Mafia Wars Loot Lady said...

Give it some time. I can take up to a few days before the removals appear. At least that happened to me once.

Anonymous said...

ok, thank you so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate all you do.

endymionsouth said...

I ran both programs some time ago and while it looked like they ran fine, none of the 1700 appear to have been removed. After waiting a few days I repeated the instructions. Again, it all looked fine but after over ten days, none of the 1700 appear to be gone. Any suggestions ?

Anonymous said...

Please we need update version of 'Remove Disabled FB friends' bookmarklet. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

work perfect 53 removed THX

Anonymous said...

I have been trying for months & many moons to remove non playing mafia and in mafia no longer friends but this script has never worked ???

Anonymous said...

This script can not work!

Anonymous said...

When I used mafia manager it give me inaccurate data, some players it would report as friends were actually gone while saying others had left even though they had not. After weeding through this mess for about 200 plus players and painstakingly removing them, I now see them in my recuit page. I guess Zynga thinks I made an error and put them back, despite the fact I had removed them as friends. The moral to the story... Don't waste your time, as it is just one big cluster f*ck.

Anonymous said...

Any word on an update ? This isnt working :(

tony alessandro said...

Thanks Jenn. This was a lot of help.

Anonymous said...

I can not get this to work.. Any suggestions?

Virginia Nolan said...

How can I get the old time line back on my page?

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