Nov 6, 2012

The Raven Combo List


Many are still asking what the combos for The Raven are. They were initially posted here but I decided to reformat the presentation so players could copy and share them. Seven Red Combos have been discovered and you will need to try them until you get the one that works for your account. Most players have the same Red Combo every time The Raven appears but some have reported that theirs changes.  It’s very possible Zynga is experimenting with the feature and some get the same combo every time and others don’t. It’s also not balanced because some red combos require two Armagrenades and others only one. It’s all luck of the draw. If you follow the strategy outlined here, you can beat The Raven with the yellow combo which is the same for all players.
Key: A=Armagrenade/FC=Face Chopper/NF=Nunchuck Fluffy/RP=Rain of Pain

Once again thanks to Darren Fozzie Foskett for researching the combos and to Jon (L&O RM COMMANDO) for the image of the 7th combo.


  1. Since the drop rate for Rain of Pains seems to have been nerfed, I've been trying to conserve these as much as possible by doing just red combos instead (I'm lucky to have one that uses just 1 grenade and 1 RoP each). I've found if I can get about 12 red combos in on him then I can usually finish him off with just face choppers and nunchuks.

    A new problem seems to have surfaced - I've had the Raven lurking for almost 2 days while I've been icing and collecting ammo but he still hasn't activated yet.

  2. 2 fights with Mr Raven since he came back, never found my top combo yet, so there is still one more out there waiting for us to post here. Top help Jen. Will post it in a couple of days when he next knocks on my door.

  3. yep its grim on armagranades, never ever got more then just the two that come with him appearing.......hard work to get the other 150 items once he lurks, took me about 36 hours to collect them. Im guessing i got a red combo that takes two nades but i think i will get my 10 victories before i ever find out which one it is LOL

  4. I killed him some but I stopped cos it is a scam just to get us to buy Reward Points.

  5. i got scammed it told me ihad collected over 40+ of each consumables and yet go to raven and it says 0 on all four go figure ive mailed support and all they told me was they made a in game fix and that should sort it............ well it didnt sort the issue i got him a second time and yet they drop but on raven says 0. so in all ive lost out on 2x to defeat him how do they expect ME/YOU to do this.... they have muck him up once again they should just add the attack with stamina, and set it the same way as the secret districts every hit the stam needed increases!

  6. tried all the red combos but they never worked for me think i will give this one a miss

  7. I am done with this feature. The consumables that should drop from icing and robbing just do not and the combos require these. This is a scam to spend RPs...and I only spend RPs on things that give me skill points...will not spend to get an item that will be outdated shortly or to get an achievement that lots of folks got by calling customer support.

  8. AG/AG/FC/NF thats mine.. thanks Jenifer.. btw I do not agree with folks above.. your yellow combo strategy works fine.. the only hitch it raven trail should be discovered while you are awake and playing.. this time it was in night for me.. but I did get lot of drops when fight was active.. and therefore had opportunity to try the combos..

    guys we need to be patient if nothing else.. if you miss one opportunity collect ammos and wait for next one.. we are getting the assassins jacket for free .. so why not ..

  9. I tried all 6 red combos above. One worked during my first Raven fight, but NONE of them work in my second Raven fight. Greeeeeeat!

  10. Thanks to the seven combo.... So sad! I try the first 1 at 6!

  11. i tryed the yellow and it did not give me a yellow combo i had to defeat the raven on the green combo only

  12. I'm finding that when using the consumables in a combo, they dont seem to register ... for a few seconds... so it acts like nothings happened. It makes you click on it again, messing up the combo and using all your consumables. Because you've started now, it tries to make you use RP to buy more.

  13. Where do the grenades drop for Raven?

    1. when you ice people from regular fighting. They don't drop in the Arena and the drops from icing are rare.


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