Oct 5, 2012

FarmVille2 Automated Bonus Collector


If you are still working on the FarmVille2 Cross Game Promotion, LevelUp City has a section devoted to FarmVille2 and is a great offers tools that will help you level up faster. These tools are called the FarmVille2 Bonus Hoover and Link Exchange. They automate the collection of news feed bonus posts. They save clicks and time and may give you that extra push you need. Many Mafia Wars players have decided to stop early with this promotion as and Level 20 is not a realistic goal.  Zynga should really look into reducing it. We have to do enough as it is in Mafia Wars and we are not the virtual farming type. The instructions to use these tools and an overview of the FarmVille2 section of the LevelUp City App are below.
Bonus Hoover

1. Use the link below and click the Facebook Connect button.

2. Allow the LevelUpCity App permission to your basic information by clicking the “Play Game” button.
3.  Give this app more permissions to post on your behalf and access posts in your news feed.
4. You will then arrive to the Bonus Hoover Page. Simply scroll through it and click on the requests you would like to accept.
 5. Before you start your run, click on the “Setting” button located at the top of you bonuses. The auto-like and auto-comment boxes are checked by default. I recommend un-checking these because you could risk getting into trouble with Facebook and nobody wants that. The default is also at 10 and I would keep it on that.
 6.  Click the “Save Settings” button when you are finished.
7.  Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Show More Bonus…” button if you want more bonuses. Click the “Collect” button when you are ready to collect everything listed.
8.  As bonuses are collected, a new window will open and close for each one. This reminds me a lot of the JGrabAllGifts script we used to love and use.
If you find you get a lot of these, it means you already collected that bonus so your runs should be done with enough time in between to prevent getting a ton of these.

Link Exchange

In addition to the Bonus Hoover, there is also a FarmVille2 Link Exchange Page. Look to the right column of the page and click on “FarmVille2 Link Exchange” or use the link below.

You will get a list of bonuses and all you need to do is click on them.
A new window will load with your item.

 News and Tips

The main page has news, tips and additional bonuses listed. I imagine this will be helpful.



Remember the more neighbors you have, the faster you will level. There is even a page to help you with that. I believe there are enough Mafia Wars players to prevent having to go here but for those who don’t play Mafia Wars, it may be useful.


Thanks to Don LaSage for bringing this awesome site to my attention. I wish I had known about it when I was doing the cross promotion.


  1. You said it best...we have enough to do with mafia wars to be bothered with this. I have never ever entered into one of these "Game Promotions" by zynga. And I sure dont plan on starting any time soon , just for a few lousy increased mafia att/def. Even if it were a 300 att/def increase I would pass on this Promo Trap. It would have to be in the 50 personal attack skill before I buy into their "Game Promo Trap" ,

  2. Considering I can't get any of the cross-promotion popups when I play the games I get no rewards and Zynga CS say there is nothing they can do about it.
    I'm actually glad so I don't have to play any more boring, time consuming cookie cutter games.
    MW is painful enough.

  3. Visit your neighbors daily. I noticed that the neighbors I visit appear on my farm the following day to help me (I do this in the evening). I decided to visit all of their farms to see if the number of visitors to mine increased. It did by a lot. I have a bunch of helpers waiting when I log in and more appear as the first group finish and I send them on their way with a gift.

  4. Gamers Unite! has the same premise plus a "Snag Bar" that grabs up coins, boosts, etc. -> http://gamersunite.coolchaser.com/

  5. I strongly disagree. I play only Mafia Wars and I only play other games for the cross rewards to MW. However, it is seriously short-sighted, narrow-minded and selfish of MW players to expect Zynga to make ALL their games CATERED to the whims of MW players. I have plenty of friends who don't play MW and take serious offense to MW players wanting all the other games made easy for them. Think about it and stop believing MW players, and TOP MW players are the ONLY people Zynga should care about. If you don't like the challenge you MUST FACE with the OTHER games, .... don't play them.

  6. i really did want the killer bunny got as far as the Farmville2 install screen before i gave up LOL

  7. How long do we have to get to lvl 20???


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