Sep 11, 2012

Stranger’s Swag Generation 9


Five new items labeled for “Gifting” were added to the inventory. These are for The Stranger’s Swag feature. Zynga is way behind on these items as 3 from generation 6 haven’t been released (Big Made, Peddler, and Blushing Creek) [1]. We’ve gotten all items from generation 7 [1].  Generation 8 items were added to the inventory on August 21st but none have been released [1]. It seems the only time The Stranger’s Swag items appear in the game is when they knock out any special Mystery Bags.


  1. why they even release these are beyond me as they seem to release some for about 2 hrs and then move on to next one, not giving us all a chance to get them.

    1. yep,usually give us an hour to 2 or 3 at best ,so basically if you aren't online 24hrs a day AND paying close attention you lose out,should just auto post to our inventories,same with the gifts they hide on app page,guess would make too much sense though,when i'm playing,seldom do i check the home page AND go thru all the numbers to see wha6t5s in each since usually its all pay stuff..seems a bit of b.s.

    2. yeh hate that man & why do they keep pushing these items after items b4 even fully releasing them all? incompetent idiots :/

  2. It seems obvious that what Zygna is missing is the ability to add things like this with a pre-set day for them to go active. Then they would just add all the missions, swag, properties, special districts, and such whenever they develop them, with them automatically going active on the set schedule. They should also have a stat inflation schedule so that they can set the item power based on the release time, so that they always have something useful, and never have to tweak the scores.

    I would think that a company the size of Zygna would have figured that out by now.


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