Sep 12, 2012

Robbing Spree 2


The second round of the Robbing Spree feature is now available. We have 7 days to rob as many houses as possible. Just because you rob them doesn't mean you will get the rewards. You must avoid the alarms or your board will be taken away. It's best not to rely on luck for this feature. Use your consumables to peek before robbing unless you haven't hit an alarm or found all 6. For a detailed review of how this feature works and the best strategy to use, go here. There is one addition that may change your strategy but everything but the loot is the same.
The consumable item we will need to activate a Robbing Spree board and peek inside houses is the Ninja Grappling Hook. There are a variety of ways to get these items but there are limits.
For review, the methods and limits are shown below. Many players are reporting that they are getting more than 5 items from jobs.
Method Ninja Grappling Hooks
Initial Start Up 15
News Feed Requests  20
Helping 5
Free Gifts 20
Jobs 5
Lockpick Bonus 5
Total 55
7 Day Total 400
There is a slight problem because Ninja Grappling Hooks do not appear on the Free Gift Page.
To send them, you need to use the “Send” button located on the Home Page Banner. Clicking it will send you to the Ninja Grappling Hook Send Page. They have been added to the Gift Blaster and appear at the top of the drop down menu.
To activate your Robbing Spree board, 10 Ninja Grappling Hooks are required.
For review, your board starts with 25 houses and each house has a reward or a alarm. If you activate 3 alarms, you are done and don’t get anything. Each board has 5 single alarms and 1 double alarm. You can blindly rob each house for 25 stamina or use 3 consumables to peek before you rob. Regardless of how you do it, you will need to spend 25 stamina to rob a house.
Below is an example of what a typical board will look like. If you get duplicate loot items, the items with the lower level of mastery will disappear. When you find the second half of a skill point, the half skill point also disappears. 
The loot rewards offered for this Robbing Spree are shown below.
When you are ready to collect, click the “Grab Haul” button on top of the page. Before you do this, make sure you have robbed all houses that don’t have an alarm or you won’t get the items. Peeking isn’t enough.
The stats of these items are better than anything you can purchase in the Marketplace so spending some reward points on Ninja Grappling Hooks may be justified. They cost 1 for 1 reward point, 12 for 10 or 25 for 20.
A new addition may help with the strategy. You can now spend 8 reward points to deactivate an alarm. Depending on how many alarms you locate by robbing blind or peeking, this could get you a lot of free robs if discover the locations of your alarms early into the board. I’m sure Zynga will ensure that the odds are in their favor and this could end up not being an advantage at all.


  1. Can't start, I hit "Go Rob" and it comes back to the same info pop up GGGGRRRR!!!!

  2. at me too :( I wrote to zynga but no answer yet

  3. I have the same problem :(
    I wrote to answer yet :(

    1. The one time I asked zynga for help they didn't answer for 3 weeks, about 2 1/2 weeks too late for the timed mission step that was broken for me. Asking them isn't worth the frustration. I had quit the game then because of it but got talked back into it by a friend.

  4. I will do my best in this event but since it says the perfect man for the job on the pop up and I have no balls to scratch, I will have to just muddle through it anyway.

  5. Isn't there a bookmarklet that tells you if you have collected all the parts you can for the day or what you still need to collect? I thought there was but can't remember what it is...

  6. BIG QUESTION ( well its in caps):
    Is there always 5 red lights and one dbl red light?

    1. The answer is in the post. It's always 5 single and 1 double.

    2. Sweet tyvm ;-)

    3. I should have taken a screen shot of mine. Had six single and one double. Anyone else seen it?

  7. Follow up to my Big Question is my first board followed your published board which is important if you find the 6 red lights fast you can open the rest without using hooks!

    1. No all boards are different but they all have the same number of alarms. Yes if you find all 6 fast you're good but you know Zynga won't let you find them fast! I've noticed a pattern and it seems when you use peeks, it spreads them out so you won't find the last one until the end. Now if you find the double one right away from a peek, you can rob blind until you activate 2 single alarms.

    2. and if u are lucky and find 1 double and 3 singles (by peeking), you can rob blind for the remaining houses..:)

  8. I found out first hand that if you Gift Blast the Knob Wrench to you mafia, you will get a Ninja Grappling Hook. This hint was provided during a recent MW Addon admin post earlier today.

  9. Looking at your loot board above, you'll notice that only 1 of each item has a yellow circle around it. For example, 5 garbage men, but only one appears to be highlighted. Does that mean you are only gaining 1 of them per board. That is what it appears to me.

    When I haul the loot, it says I have collected 1 of each of the items; it does not indicate multiples. This item is not addressed in the outline of game rules, so I am wondering where the flaw is: in the haul explanation or in the game rules?

    Your thoughts?

    Found the answer: Q: How is the item mastery calculated? Will I get one of each Mastery item when I grab my haul?
    A: If you are able to Rob an item more than once in the same Block, the mastery stats of that item will increase.

    You’ll only receive one item with the maximum mastery level achieved:
    For example: If you are able to Rob 5 Lights Out on the same block, you will receive the Emerald Level Lights Out and rest all Lights Out items (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby) will be greyed out.

  10. You'd think they would have at least changed the icon on the Peek button the hooks instead of the crowbar from the last time around. That's lazy even by Zynga standards.

  11. Was there not three Singles and one double alarm on the last Rob Spree.?The Agent in live Chat claims there were 5 Singles and one double Alarm last time too.

    1. This one is the same as the last. There has always been 5 singles and 1 double.

  12. I've used 43-79 Hooks (Aver: 60) per board


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