Sep 11, 2012

Men At Work Gift Mastery Event Items


Some of the Gift Mastery Event items that we showed you last week have been added to the inventory [1]. The 19th Gift Mastery Event is called Men At Work and we should see it soon. The Grand Prize loot item is the Foreman and he has stats of 208/105. The awesome thing about Gift Mastery Events is we can do them 3 times and they take minimal effort.
The three gifts are shown below. Normally these are boosts but this time they appear in the inventory. Maybe they are going to take away the boost feature of this type of event.
The mastery items that go with the gifts above are shown below. Only the item that goes with the Demolition Hammer was added to the inventory. From the description, we learn the name of the event. There are 3 levels of mastery in servers but only one appears in the inventory.
The other two items are shown below.

Coal Miner
Oil Worker

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