Sep 12, 2012

Ice Season: 22


Ice Season 22 is now underway. I guess this explains why the Iceboard hasn’t returned. Nothing but the loot has changed. We need to get 1,000 ices in 7 days to fully master it at the highest level. If you get 150 ices per day for Family Progression, you should have no troubles.
For review, each time you ice a target you get 1 ice. Kills count as 2 ices and you can’t ice the same target more than 50 times for the duration of the event.  the Bully Throttle will activate. Ices to a specific target which are gained while the Bully Throttle is active still count towards your profile statistics and Family Progression.
If you beat up on the same target, the Bully Throttle will trigger. Ices to a specific target which are gained while the Bully Throttle is active still count towards your profile statistics and Family Progression.
Ice Season tier mastery does not grant you a badge or loot item until the season is over so don’t freak out if you don’t see the reward in your inventory. At the end, you will get the badge for whatever tier you are on and a Rotator Shotty for whatever tier you fully mastered. The stats of this item on each level are shown below. This item was added to the inventory on January 25th [1] and the stats were improved not very long ago. The Diamond Level Rotator Shotty is the highest we have seen in as a Ice Season reward and it's awesome that the attack stat is over 200!
Along the way, you get small rewards for reaching ice milestones. If you see a skill or reward point slide across your screen, don’t think you are beating the system with a glitch. It’s just one of these rewards.


Anonymous said...

thx jen,
this is crazy, limited property oversoul mission secret district marketplace promotion and ice season,

Anonymous said...

i forget the robbing spree

Anonymous said...

is about time they made this more interesting maybe give 50 skills when you reach 1000 ices ... i know most of us dont actualy try anymore we just play our normal game and get them in a cpl of days but still the end prize would be nice if it was something worthwhile

Anonymous said...

I like the Ice Season and the loot isn't so bad, it will be usable for a reasonable period of time. I like this so much better than the "Big Gulp Icee Board" that seemed to mock me on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

I do 150 ices daily for family progression but achieving Diamond 5 is very difficult for me. I'm not using suicidal minis to up my ices but 25-30% of my ices are from suicidal attackers. To do 150 ices a night without counting the suicides would require approx 200 ices, which makes this is bigger stretch... and takes a lot longer as several big accounts always sit on me during ice seasons.

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