Sep 27, 2012

FarmVille2 Cross Game Promotion


The much anticipated FarmVille2 Cross Game Promotion has finally arrived. Many of us got a head start when the game was launched on September 5th. To get the maximum number of rewards, the goal is to get to Level 20. FarmVille2 in my opinion is easier and faster paced than some of the other “Ville” games we have encountered in the past but getting to Level 20 is a lot to ask. Cross promotions normally run a span of 14 days so we probably have until October 11th to finish. I'm not sure this will be enough time to non-addicted players. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure the game out so I won’t bore you will every little detail. Go here to start playing and follow the in game instructions. If you need more guidance, go here for links to more detailed guides. I’ve included some helpful tips below. Don't panic just yet if you don't have the promotion as it may be on a slow rollout. I still don't have it. There is some cause for concern because many players who participated in the ChefVille promotion never got their loot items as promised and Customer Support wouldn't give it to them [1]. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous.
Now that we know what the end goal is, lets look at what it will take to get there. Experience is what you need to get to the next level. We need to get to Level 20 and that will take a total of 81,400 experience.  The chart below outlines how much experience is needed to get to each level. This may not be 100% accurate as I calculated the results after the fact from screen shots I took along the way. Everything came out even so I feel confident it is.

Exp Needed
Exp Needed


To check your progress for each level, just hover your mouse over the experience bar. It will tell you how many experience points you need to get to the next level.
Getting experience is easy. Just about everything you do pays out. Follow the quests or just keep planting, watering, fertilizing and harvesting your crops. This game really is social because you will get more experience for helping your neighbors and even more when they help you. Getting to Level 20 fast involves a help and be helped strategy. Once you get down the basics, the first thing you should do is get as many neighbors as possible. Most Mafia Wars players have a lot of friends who will also be playing this game. To get neighbors, simply go to the friend ladder at the bottom of your farm and click on “Add Friend”. Don’t worry if you don’t take this step, Zynga will ensure to throw the option at you many times.
Now select “All Friends” and invite everybody. The more requests you send, the better your odds will be to get takers. You want as many friends as possible.
At first the request process is clumsy. After sending out 50, you will get a Facebook request window to send. Once you go through all your friends a few times, they won’t appear anymore. From that point on, sending massive amounts of requests won’t take very long.
Now that you have neighbors, the best way to gain experience is to help them. You will gain a total of 6 experience points for every neighbor you help. You will get even more when they return the favor and help you. You can only visit each neighbor once every 18 hours. Players who are available for help will have a blue water drop in the lower left corner of their image. If you’ve already helped them then there will be nothing.
It’s best to help those you feel will come back and help you. Because most of us will block FarmVille2 once we hit Level 12, scroll back to lower level players. To visit a farm, click on the players image.
Once you get to their farm, you will have 5 energy to help out. You should try to do things that will help your neighbor. Fertilizing dirt, picking crops or feeding animals are things once can easily do themselves. It’s best to click on crops that are in progress as it will speed them up. Your neighbor will appreciate it and hopefully they will do the same for you. In the example below, I click on the front set of crops rather than pick the ones that are done growing. You will gain 1 experience point for each of the 5 task you choose to do.
Once your energy is utilized, you will get currency and another experience point.
Sometimes you also get water.
The rewards for helping your neighbors doesn’t stop there. When they return the favor, you will see them standing around your farm. Click on them and then click the “Accept” button.
They will perform tasks for you and you will get more experience. Those carrots normally take 24 hours to grow and pay +15 experience when you pick them. My helper made them grow instantly!
If you click on a neighbor after they have finished helping you, you will get the option to send them a gift or go visit their farm. I recommend you do neither. Let them be and you can go help them through the friend ladder at a later time. If you refresh the page, they often return and do the same tasks over and over again. I’m not sure what triggers this but when it happens, you can knock a lot of things out pretty fast and gain a ton of experience. I believe sending a free gift to all of your Facebook friends may trigger it or visiting a butt load of farms.
From all the refreshing I was doing, I encountered another glitch. I sent every one of my friends water and shortly thereafter, every time I refreshed, I gained 87 waters. I wasn’t able to reproduce this glitch but all the water I gained has remained in my account. With pretty much unlimited helpers (which still works) and all the water I need, FarmVille2 has been a fun game for me. I hope you have the same luck.
In addition to sending gifts and helping your neighbors to get the things you need, the news feeds also provide some value. Bookmark the link below and your FarmVille2 news feeds will be filtered.

FarmVille2 requests provide you with useful things. You can even get experience from these posts.
In addition to experience, you can also get things you will need for your farm like feed, water and coins. The more of your friends that are actively playing FarmVille2, the more active your news feeds will be.
The FarmVille2 Message Center will also supply you with useful items. Upon launch of the game, your Message Center will always open (kind of like Mafia Wars used to do). It’s best to constantly accept your gifts and help your fellow farmers. Accepting things in FarmVille2 is much faster than Mafia Wars so this shouldn’t  be an inconvenience. The FarmVille2 Message Center consists of several parts and will hold up to 200 requests at a time. The faster you clear them out, the more stuff you will get. You will also find neighbor requests here.
Fertilizer will also get you extra experience. There are no requirements to fertilize your crops but each time you do, you get +1 experience so you might as well utilize your bags of Fertilizer.
In addition to the +1 experience gain, Fertilizer increases your odds of getting a Prized Crop. Prized Crops will randomly appear after harvesting. Whatever fruit or vegetable you just picked will float above your plot area. When you get one, just click on it.
Prized Crops offer you extra points for ribbon mastery, coins and best of all extra experience. They may not be very realistic but this extra experience will get you to the next level much faster.
As with all Zynga games on the Facebook API, you will experience loading issues, freezing, browser crashes and slow game play. They try to make it cute but it’s rather annoying.
To avoid many of the errors, Zynga recommends you play FarmVille2 on the platform. One benefit of this is you can get help and rewards from other players on the platform and they don’t need to be your Facebook friend. There is also a downside so I don’t recommend this.
Playing FarmVille2 on will gain you a rather large cookie and you will end up getting bad request errors when you try to play Mafia Wars. If you are good at searching and removing cookies then it’s not a big deal but for those who have issues this could be problematic.
To prevent getting this cookie, don’t play on If you do then you will find the cookie listed under the section. I’m not sure why they need so many cookies!
The process of planting, watering, fertilizing and harvesting as you can imagine involves a lot of clicks. Zynga has built in a feature that makes these processes more streamlined. If you perform an action that will require multiple repeats, just hold down your left mouse button and scroll over the actions you intend to take. In the example below, I could click on each water drop or I can click on one and scroll over the others. You can also use this option for things like planting seeds, fertilizing and harvesting crops. It will save you a lot of clicks.
Another useful bit of information in this game is that when you level, all of your timers reset. What this means is that any growing will automatically complete upon a level up. You can utilize this fact strategically by planting things that take a long time to grow right before you level up. This will not apply to planted crops that haven’t been watered. To make the most of this and get a good experience bump into the next level, ensure that all of your plots have the highest paying experience item planted.

Before Level Up: Crops Planted on Timer
After Level Up: Crops Ready for Harvest
Many FarmVille2 accounts don’t have a full screen mode. If you want to unframe your game for easier navigation, Brandon created a cool unframing script. Just make a bookmarklet from the code below and click on it anytime you want to have a full screen. This can also be used in Mafia Wars.
javascript:(function(){try{document.getElementById('contentCol').removeChild(document.getElementById('rightCol'));}catch(err){}; document.getElementById('pagelet_canvas_content').style.width="100%"; })();

FarmVille2 generates a lot of requests. If you find the notification popups that constantly appear at the lower left of your screen annoying, you can easily get rid of them.
Just go to your Account drop down and select “Settings”. Click on the “Apps” link located in the upper left column of the page and click the “Edit” link to the right of FarmVille2. Go down to the Notifications section, open up the dropdown menu and select “Never”. Once you do this, most of the notifications for FarmVille2 will disappear. I will not prevent notification for when someone posts to your wall that they helped you.
For each milestone level you hit in FarmVille2, you will get the a Angora Rabbit.
As you earn new Angora Rabbits, you get to keep the old ones. If you get to Level 20, you will have a total of 4 Angora Rabbits with different levels of mastery.
They may look cute and cuddly but they are quite powerful.
When you go to Mafia Wars, you will get a popup like the ones shown below once you hit Levels 3, 10, 15 and 20. If you started playing before the promotion started, your popup will say whatever level you are on. Some players have gotten the Bronze Level Angora Rabbit below Level 3 so it's worth it to at least go to the game.
When you decide you’ve had enough, go to the App Center to block FarmVille2. Locate the FarmVille2 requests, click on any X next to the “Accept” button and choose the option to block the application.
When I was finished, I had some fun selling everything off my farm and leaving a message for my fellow farmers.

Thanks to Wim Huysmans , Brandon and Mike for some of the screen shots used in this post.


  1. Like the chefville promotion, i don't have the pop-up for the event so I WILL NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Zynga must learn that, for events like this, every players should have the possibility to participate. They don't even fix the problem the last time. Zynga don't care anymore of mafia wars players, that why they don't do another city. This game is sinking and i will not play anymore if they do nothing.

    1. Aaaahhhhhh you will play your addicted :))

    2. I love this game but now i think that love begin to fade away. I remember how this game was good when the mafia wars team listen to players.Now they always do the same things (missions, properties...), they do things only for money (VIP, collector item, bundle... ) and don't care about the players. I was addict to this game but now this begin to change and i think i will give up. Only a new city will maybe make me stay.

  2. Jen,

    For Chefville my inventory never showed the cheff under didn't own or the all filter because mine was so broke, and after 6 CS reps I got them. So if you can see the placeholders for the rabbits its a good bet you will get them.

    I just check and noticed at level 15, I do have 3 of them so far.

    Good luck.

  3. Oddly, silver and gold show (1/1) but bronze shows (1). So how do you get more :)


    1. You don't. The items that show (1/1) means that it is active in both my attack and defense equipment score but it is only 1 item.

  4. I'll give this one a miss... first one inlike 3 years. lvl 20 will just take ages and the loot item is not that great. Maybe if the stats of the loot itme was 2oo+/200+ then maybe... But personally, i told myself that i'd never play farmville, and now there's a second one... No way and no thanks. -Dioxin-

  5. For anyone who knows anything about Mafia Wars, Zynga has biased the crap out of personal stats compared to loot stats.
    Loot means next to nothing when it comes to fighting as I can lose to someone who has 100K less mafia defense than my attack.
    I won't be wasting my time on this garbage and feel great about it.

  6. Once again you have done a great job filling us in on the new NEWS at Zyngaville. I will never do another cross-promotion again cos they never paid me on the last one. Plus it is not worth my time either. But here is a tid bit for you. I learned today that if I only type in a letter or a single number when posting I do not have to go and High-Lite that post. I usually forget to go to my own Wall anyways to look for a post that needs high-Lited.

  7. I just checked on Mafia. Started FV2 some time ago and is level 10, got the 2 first Rabbits, though I never got the Promo on Mafia.

  8. WOW. I can't even get FV2 to open. It wants a flash update, and i have the latest version according to flashplayer's website. Zynga'd!!

  9. Have they fixed the two glitches Jen listed on the water and farmhands? Did she play it on Zynga or Facebook to get those glitches to happen? Just curious because I don't believe I have gotten either one to happen and my water list a limit of 30, on the page and in the tool box.

    1. I played on both. When the glitches hit, I was on FB. I never could reproduce the water one but the unlimited helpers appeared about twice a day. I'm not sure what triggered them but one thing I did do is visit a butt load of farms per day and I always sent my entire friend list a free gift everyday and accepted all my free gifts.

    2. Thank you Jen, I believe I was not seeing it correctly. I was thinking that it was the exact same farmhands after you refresh, what you were stating is that there would be new farmhands after refreshing the page, when normally there would not be if you used them.

  10. Is there a strategy to load up on bottles of milk? I have like a dozen goats that are now all prized and only mature once every 18 hours. I have a ton of vanilla beans and wheat but now have no milk to make Vanilla cream puffs?

    1. If you need more, you need to put your prized ones in your inventory and buy some new ones, they will put out every time you feed them.

  11. I am playing, but it seems like way to much work to get loot that will be obsolete probably about a month or so after I hit lvl 20.


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