Aug 7, 2012

Zynga CEO Purchases A Lavish Mansion


In the midst of multiple law suits and insider trading investigations, Mark Pincus did what any logical person who just cashed in big would do. While his investors (many of which are Zynga employees) lost thousands, he shelled out 16 million for a mansion in the swanky San Francisco neighborhood of Pacific Heights [1]. According to Forbes, the house has over 15 main rooms and is approximately 11,500 feet. Below are images of the home that I’m sure millions more will be spent to decorate.

(all images from Forbes)
While those who lost are now eating Top Raman, MarkPincus dines in style.
When others are laughing at what became of the Zynga IPO and think Mark Pincus is a failure, he is living it up and admiring the great views San Francisco has to offer.
Some wonder how this man can sleep at night? Who could lose sleep in this room! Laugh and make fun of Mark Pincus all you want but I think he is going to be ok regardless of what becomes of Zynga.
Maybe the Mafia Wars Team was taking a jab at Mark Pincus and his new mansion when they created the Robbing Spree Event!

Thanks to Scott Colin for posting this amusing link on our fan page.


  1. He has gotten my last dime months ago....I'm ready to quit MW's and I refuse to plat their cross game promotions. Just saying..............

  2. Now I know where all the Brazilian Timber is!

  3. I've got my power attack ready for this douchebag :P

  4. All those pics remind me of are just how much Californians are overpaying for, well, everything.

    For one thing, that's about as much a mansion as a Chrysler minivan with a real leather interior is a stretch limo.

    Most of the price for that house must be a lot premium for a view of the bay and the bridge.

    In the Midwest or South, that would be about a 800-900k house in a city like Louisville or Cincinnati, or about 400-500k if in a rural area (with most of the cost in that being that woodwork).

    In the end, the realtors make the money - well, them and the municipality collecting the taxes on that WAYYYYY overpriced barn.

    1. -Welcome to California, now pull your wallet out-
      It should be our state motto. Raging Fools lead the way in outstandingly costly legislature too. :)

  5. They may not be spending as much on decorating as you think. Pincus' wife owns One Kings Lane, a flash sale decorating site.

  6. Mafia wars players and other zynga game players should be proud of what they helped happen, the paying players that is. Got to hand it to the guy, he made lots of money hooking people into a game that has endless problems, bugs, errors and of course cheaters. Just think of how successful he would be if the games were actually great to play!

  7. Remember all the RP's we spend goes to decorating his new mansion... - Ramanujam

  8. That is a lavish mansion? Looks like the farm house out on FR 161 back home. The one anon user was right, I can't believe, even in California this thing is that much. Reminds me of how we (America) doesn't "make" anything anymore. No steel mills, manufacturing has all but been shipped overseas. Its all Wall Street and how can we "mislead the public, without them knowing, in order to get rich quick?" Any normal human being knows that house is NOT worth $15 mil. Even with the location. But, because they CAN, they will charge that. Knowing there is always some idiot that will pay it, eh Mark?

  9. That ain't no Mansion


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