Jul 31, 2012

The Stranger’s Swag: 21 Gun Salute


UPDATE: This Stranger's Swag item was pulled from the game about 30 minutes after it was released. Perhaps Zynga released it early by mistake as there are still 3 more items of the 6th generation to be released. You can't ask your mafia for 3 items but you can still scan the news feeds and get two items.

Five new Stranger’s Swag items were added to the inventory. The first item of the 7th generation is the 21 Gun Salute. It has stats of 92/157 and can be found on the Home Page banner or Free Gift Page. This item was not added to the inventory when the others for this feature were [1].
Click the “Share” button to generate spam and receive 3 items.
Find spam made by others in your news feeds and click on it to get two more.
You will want to participate because this loot item will help most players. If you are maxed out on VIP loot, it will improve your defense equipment score by +19.



  1. And it's gone again... At least for me. Never even got a chance to ask for any as my share-button was dimmed and therefore not responding. Only got the 2 from others feeds :(

  2. Dammit why did they pull it out again got nothing from collecting on the wall.... whey can't they just keep on going with something.
    I did ask for it so got 3 but miss another 2 :(


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