Jun 7, 2012

VIP Membership Program Available To All Players


It only took 11 weeks and 3 loot refreshes but Zynga has finally announced on their Official Blog that the VIP Membership Program is now available to all players. The over 2 month delay caused a lot of grieve for many players. They wanted to purchase a subscription but weren’t able to and felt they were behind. These players still are because, unlike High End Fight Loot, old VIP loot discontinued once it is refreshed.
VIP Membership Plan is now available to all Mafia Wars players!
Thank you for your patience while we were gradually rolling out the VIP Membership to all players.
Get additional benefits for the longer you stay subscribed! VIP benefits will now get better with the duration of your continuous subscription.
Many players forced the offer popup manually or via script and Zynga made it clear that this was not an approved method. I posted instructions on how to do this but was asked to remove them [1]. Players who weren’t given the opportunity to join received the following popup. Those who had expired cards or canceled from their cards also got the offer. For those who accept the offer will be on the same schedule, as far as benefits are concerned,  as those who started from the beginning but it doesn’t make up for the lost loot. VIP loot is already replacing itself so I imagine it will take a few more loot refreshes until everyone is caught up.
“Special Reward! As the VIP membership was rolled out late for you, you can now progress to Silver VIP Membership Benefits in 2 months instead of 3 months”
Thanks to Billy Brooke for the screen shot above.


  1. when i putting my cc it nothing happens.
    typical zynga

  2. I got VIP from a script and really don't care if they liked it or not. They shouldn't have made people wait so long.It was not right or fair.


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