Jun 10, 2012

Mafia Wars: Informant Podcast Episode 172


Well Pete and Jen take to the airwaves this evening with a show that will not disappoint. Exciting Spockholm updates are the only positives going on in Mafia Wars. Without the cheery disposition of Jana Gucci, Pete and Jen are full of rants. The VIP Membership is the number one target. Jen talks about the many repeat events coming soon. A special Free For All War in honor of Lara Grace starts today and you don’t want to miss it.

Jesus Christ and Frosted Balls, What Next!!


  1. NICE to see you picked up all my points- cash/free disparity losing the free or low investment player base that keeps the paying players base active is going to ill the game super fast.
    every week the game is a mechanical repeat of last week without anything new or imaginative and everything needing RPs.
    I used to hate peole being negative about declining MW but its truely dead and Z seem happt strangling/squeezing the last few bux out of the game.
    There is so few movers and shakers at the top its sad as all the big accounts just shuffle around. Yawn
    <- 30k+ att 25k+ health 38k+ stam fighting machine has resigned/refused to be a Zynga sucker.
    Im sure they are all playing their fiddles!!

  2. the vip system was the reason why i quit this game a few months ago but even if i quit i still enjoy reading your posts and listening to the podcast gives me something to do

    1. So you quit over nothing, the loot is just a show thing, ATt and def will always win. So in the end it was you EXCUSE to quit. Probably a crappy player anyway.

  3. I give the game until late 2013. They chase the free players out, and the payers will be where they were behind the payers that were stronger than them. So no change just less money. Problem is, they never have a game as popular as farmville and mafia wars again as people don't trust Zynga anymore cause it is all about the cash these days.

  4. I will be quitting this game rather shortly myself.
    There is very little for energy players to do.
    I was an energy player turned fighter about 9 months ago but I find it unfair that only fighters with high personal att/def get the win.
    What about the players who spend the time to build up loot?
    Shouldn't they be rewarded?
    Why is it fair that I can have 340K att with 9K of that personal lose to someone with 290K just because of their personal stats?

    1. It's always been that way.

  5. I guess I don't take this game seriously enough. I thoroughly enjoy it and the few things I don't like (ex: begging for parts, bubble game & putting $ out), I don't do. Most of all I love my family!!!
    I do enjoy your blog & I enjoy the podcasts and I do believe they have made me a smarter player. Level 1245 that's hoping as I go higher I will still enjoy MW.

    Thank you :)


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