Jun 1, 2012

Free Loot Item: Sixer


The Mafia Wars Application is offering us another gift called the Sixer. It has stats of 98/167. Acquiring this items is exactly  the same as the Party Animal, Bearded Dragon, Size Does Matter, Pyromania , Cheerleader and the Chauffeur. You won’t find it in your ZMC and will need to go to your Facebook Request Page which ironically is where none of our other request work. If Zynga wants to keep their Customer Support inquiries down, it wasn’t very smart to offer this item hours after releasing Pa Barker Mystery Bags. I’m sure this has everything to do with why they were pulled from the Free Gift Page so swiftly. If you are finding out about this late like I am, it’s going to take some time to locate the request. Go here to start searching! Follow the instructions here for tips if you have problems locating it and go here if you can't. Don’t do what I did and accidentally search your Bubble Safari requests!
When you locate the request shown below, click on the “Accept” button.
You will get the popup shown below. Click on the “Claim Your Reward” button and wait for the popup to disappear. Nothing else will happen.
To make sure you got the item, go to the Inventory Page.


  1. The Bubble splash screen nixed my popup and I did not get credited the item. A visit to chat resulted in being given a survey link to report how I had not gotten the item.

  2. if u dont get 1---->


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