Jun 1, 2012

Bubble Safari Cross Game Promotion


The Safari Rhino mentioned in the post below is for a cross game promotion with the game called Bubble Safari.  This must be on a slow rollout because not all players have it yet. Hopefully the timer isn't ticking for those of us who are on the ass end of the rollout. There are 4 levels of mastery and we have 12 days to get to Level 42. This is no joke and will require a lot of time. The game is actually fun but who are the Mafia Wars players that have time to mindless bubble pop? To get started, go here and follow the game instructions.
Some but not all got the following popup when they went to their Mafia Wars game.
There are 4 levels of the Safari Rhino and at this time I don’t know if you get to keep each item or if the item improves as you gain mastery. Knowing Zynga, it’s the latter. I don’t have the stats for the Bronze-Gold Safari Rhinos as they are not yet in my inventory. UPDATE: We get to keep all earned items so it's possible to earn 1 Bronze, 1 Silver, 1 Gold and 1 Ruby item. Go here for more details on the rewards.

For more information on Bubble Safari, go to this Mashable post about it's launch and view the promo video below.


  1. mum plays these games i bet she could get me to level 42 easy!

  2. Boring! *yawn* not worth the time for one item.

  3. It took about 45 mins to get to the first award in level 9 or 10 but, I've been told it gets much harder after that...

  4. I will do it but I think the game is lame.Not an original game either.I have seen games like it elsewhere on sites you don't have to buy energy for.


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