May 7, 2012

The Stranger’s Swag: Whale of a Tale-Round #2


The Stranger’s Swag item has been changed. The last one was only available for 1 hour [1]. If you were sleeping and could have used 5 AbsorboTech Shin Guards, you missed out. You can still get 2 from old feed requests as they don’t expire. The next item is a Whale of a Tale which is appropriate for some of the crap I’ve been reading in the news feeds and Skype in regards to scripts. The stats are 74/118.
To get a maximum of 5 items, generate a spam request to get 3 from your mafia and click on spam generated by others to get 2 more.


  1. I managed to get both but I don't understand why they changed it so quickly. Loot matters to people and they obviously don't care and have a complete disregard for that.

  2. Looks like the M8 assault rifle from Mass Effect.


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