May 9, 2012

Sombrero Mystery Bags


Zynga missed the boat for Cinco De Mayo. Last time I checked, it was 4 days ago. Feline Mystery Bags have disappeared from the Free Gift Page all existing  ones have been converted to Sombrero Mystery Bags.

The rules of these special bags dictate that they are good for 48 hours from the time they were sent. If you have Sombrero Mystery Bags in your ZMC, it’s because they are converted Feline Mystery Bags. If they were sent less than 48 hours ago then they will be active. If you already opened 20 Feline Mystery Bags, you will need to wait for the next gift reset.
The special loot item was added to the inventory. The Sombrero Hat has stats of 114/150.


  1. Typical zynga, I opened my 20 feline mystery bags earlier, & get youve reached your limit for sombrero mystery bags today... Erm no I havent lol

  2. "Zynga missed the boat for Cinco De Mayo. Last time I checked, it was 4 days ago." And what about Foolproof and April Fools... about a month apart. Maybe in June we'll see a Mother's Day event.

  3. I got expired on them Good Job ZYNGA!!!!

  4. Midnight here passed almost 3 hours ago, and then most of my saved ones were expired, but I had far more than 20 not yet expired and opened until the limit cut in. I got a sombrero so I'm happy. Nothing wrong with them. Worked like usual "special bags" do.

  5. worked like a charm here,i got 3 Sombreros,5 att and 5 energy :)


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