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May 6, 2012

More Fight Issues


A few weeks ago there were several issues affecting the Fight Module [1]. These were later addressed by Zynga and performance maintenance was the cause. They were resolved in a matter of days. Towards the end of last week, these same issues plus new ones have appeared. I don’t know at this time if more performance improvements are in the works as Zynga has not posted anything. Until the issues are resolved, we shouldn’t buy into rumors that any of it means permanent game changes. Everything that is happening now can be verified but that doesn't necessarily mean they are changes meant to stay. They could be experimenting and will later define what is different. There are many “Player Iced Themselves” messages being seen after attempts to ice players.
There are a lot of accounts which heal as soon as they are attacked. Check out the “other attackers”! Lots of players were attacking this account at the same time and the health did not budge.
Accounts that are supposed to be banned from fighting appear on the fightlist and players are getting stuck. You can attack these accounts all you want but they can’t be iced as the health doesn’t budge.
fight1You know when an account has been given a soft ban, which is a ban from gifting and fighting, because there is a “Remove from Mafia” link at the bottom of their profile information. They aren't really in your mafia so clicking it does nothing. Accounts that are permanently banned are always available to be attacked and they heal at a normal rate.
Banned accounts offer a nice side affect in that they yield maximum cash and they never run out of it. This is great if you need currency but they are causing issues with fighting scripts as the player attacking them get stuck in a loop.
Team Spockholm has written a fix into the Assassin-a-Nator.
To avoid dumping all of your stamina into one of these accounts, adjust your filters and set a maximum number of attacks. If you need the currency, go to the appropriate destination and check the “Cash from same city” box and keep the “Max attacks per target” at 0. As shown above, sometimes it's good to be stuck in this loop.
Players are also reporting unusually high levels of damage appearing in their player updates. This has sparked rumors of the existence of a super rouge script which can reduce a targets health by the hundreds with each attack. I hear it’s called the Atomic Bomb or something like that. There are scripts out there which have been modified to do that but I don’t think they are this effective. Most likely it’s a display error or some other type of bug. It's also possible this is an experiment as players have been able to verify that the Power Attack button is performing more than 5 or 25 fights. Watch your stamina to tell.
All inactive accounts were magically brought back to live. This is a good thing if you want to get more ices. Last time this happened all those accounts were dead again once the performance improvements were complete.
fight6 More players are reporting heal gradients. We know those were implemented in December of last year [1].  A new rumor which has appeared in many Skype and Facebook rooms has emerged. I love how these get circulated and they are always some form of claimed inside information. Personally I haven’t noticed anything different about my healing. It's possible this will be a permanent change and Zynga is experimenting with it. Again, this has all been verified but we can't say if it's permanent.
"NO More for Auto Healer!!!!
New health program and start with this Sat they will apply to all accounts. So for every time when you put re-health when one (or more) players attack you, you loose 5 seconds.
Example if you are under attack:
The first time you re-health right now is in 40 seconds,
second times re-health you gonna put health in 45 seconds,
Third times re-health you gonna put health in 50 seconds, etc."
Thanks to everyone who posted issues, sent images and inbox messages. I didn't think it was necessary to post about these because last time they were resolved in a timely fashion.


  1. Just had a battle with a family and our health disappeared at incredible rates. Chicago health of over 200K was gone in just a few minutes, Powerpacks within seconds. Never seen anything like it. The other family had maybe 7 or 8 fighters but seemed to constantly be able to push around 15 of us down very quickly on health...all at the same time. The Atomic Bomb wouldn't surprise me at this point.

  2. I hate this
    have to wait a long time to heal
    no health but had to wait 1:51 minutes...ggrrrr

  3. i got a lot of cash from this.. strange..my rival never decrease his energy.. no fighting information.. lol

  4. this su...s my one hit gives 40-50 damage to others and others one hit gives me 500-600 damage, wtf...

  5. strange.. i can still fight even though my stamina is zero.. and gain a lot of cash too.. LoL

    1. will also add that i've checkd these people out as much as possible,profile on fb and mafia wars and most of them seem to be normal players,if they were using a rogue script i'd expect better stats that 6,0p00ices and struff like that so really think its zynga,started at same time all other issues did

  6. Can't hide in the hospital no matter what when I log back in the player updates show nothing but attacks... I lose a few thousand to several thousand fights a day while I am off line... this has happen for about a week now

  7. what about getting snuffed 10 times in 1 min and i wasnt healing i saw my health at 2 went to 0 then health at 5 went to 0 this has been happing for several days my death count has gone up by over 300 in 2 days i am about to block mw as i have sent info to zynga and still no reply!

  8. Ihave notice the ones that health bar not moving that Ihave been able to get alot of london dollare from them

  9. I see your pictures of 2 examples of the cheat being used have been cleaned up. We were experimenting with one of those groups over the weekend, and they cantinue to have that cheat/glitch working for them.

    Since I dont have an account here, I will leave my Facebook link and my name.

    Dave Stolp

    1. If you read the post, you would see these were examples of player updates showing more damage than normal. The players shown did not do anything other than fight from the fightlist and showed up in the Player Updates of the person who took the image. I said it is causing rumors of rouge scripts, I didn't say it was true. Because this is happening to ALL players, it was decided to blur out the images as a courtesy because so many people can't read an see what the message was. Zynga is working on the script issue so if a cheat does exist that can do more damage than intended, accounts using it will be stopped.

  10. not a display error,when i get hit ,looks like u were attacked 3 times for 17,234 damage and my health was just healed literally seconds b4,then cant heal for a bit,usually never have to wait for the heal timer..definetely something wacko going on.power attack rarely works now either

  11. I wrote to Zynga about the high damage and was told that they are working on some changes in fighting to make it faster and better. Must be nice to get an ice with so few attacks. One of my friends was able to do 450 ices on Saturday.....must be nice.

  12. I had 140k of health disappear in 5 seconds in a battle.

  13. The pay to play accounts have been given super powers by Zynga! The big time skill buyers can burn down health super fast now with 650 or more damage per hit! I wanted to see Moscow style Beta fighting come back but this is ridiculous! My attacks never give more damage than they did before this started and only the pay to play accounts have this unfair advantage over us freeloaders.

    1. I'm a VIP Player and I'm getting trashed out there. It's affecting all kinds of players not just "freeloaders" as you say.

    2. VIP is just a new installment program. I'm talking about the real skill buyers that have over 60k combined attack & defense skillz. I have 17k in defense skillz and 12k in health and I get crushed like a bug now with this new crap: "You were attacked 6 times taking 3403 damage"

  14. WTF?
    You were attacked 6 times by: {XXX} Hell Ya !!
    You lost the fights, taking 3403 damage.

  15. Well now, I guess I am a pay to play player as I am a VIP member.
    My health too has dropped faster than a speeding bullet just after I received my (280,000+) Chi health. So if you all feel bad about some of the folks like myself who get little perks fro saving a dollar and spending it with Zynga, just remember that you can do the same thing too if you like the game enough!

    I am a strong player and my icing power has diminished severely. Many days where I cannot make my quota. So whatever it is it is effecting everyone. IMO.

  16. I am hoping that Zynga does not making this new healing program a full time thing. Players with low health are getting slammed all over the place, not able to fight as they spend most of time dead. Even I'm having issues with healing ie Chicago health boosts vanishing in seconds, healing and then needing to heal 5 seconds later. Zynga need to learn to leave well alone as they are making this game more and more unplayable by the day.

    1. Zynga has no idea what they are doing. They just go by trial and error. They just try something screw it up and lose players, and then try something else. I like the way the game was when it first started. But they can't help themselves, they got to Zynga up everything they touch.

  17. those big health was also caused from assassin nator , my firend attacked me with assassin naor and i got same thing on health

  18. I just saw that level of Mafia Cuba has increased from 601 to 602, also mafia defense increased from 626 to 4775.
    Jen can u explain this??

    Also I want to thank you for providing updates and information about Mafia wars.


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