May 5, 2012

Mafia Wars: Informant Podcast Episode 162


Pete, Jana and Jen are back to discuss a few updates in two spocklets, the gimmicks in the game, and some things in the game that need updated or either removed. They also discuss the VIP with the renewal time here and not everyone having it yet. The war loot glitch that is still going on is talked about along with bugs in fighting and also many people having trouble with the limited time properties due to limit restriction in parts. And a new gifting event will be coming soon.

The City Dump And Trash Service


  1. Is there a site where the main points of the podcasts are recapped in text or blog?
    No offence but I really don't have 37 minutes to listen to probably 5-10 minutes of content.
    This is why I come to your site, to get info quickly.

  2. It's a podcast not the news headlines.

  3. Yes, that's what it is. If you follow the blog, you will already know a lot of the information. Those who listen to the whole thing may pick up more insight but other than the description, we don't recap it. If we bothered to do that what would be the point of even having a podcast?


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