May 5, 2012

London Caption Contest Winner: Morgan Monroe


After (and not before) London was launched, Zynga held a contest for players to add captions to some of the London job images [1]. It was promised the winning caption would be featured in game. The winner was announced and the winning caption was submitted for the the London District 3 job "Search For A Trail" [1]. Morgan Monroe is the winner and his caption of “They look so happy together…They’ll just DIE when they see me…Literally! has temporarily replaced the original. This job is also featured in the Limited Time Mission Web Of Lies.
The original caption of “Royal, he is. Prince Charming, he isn’t. A killer? Maybe.” is lame so they should consider keeping the one Morgan submitted. The new caption will remain there until May 11th.
A bit of trivia for those who haven’t been in the Mafia Wars community for years. Morgan Monroe is the creator of the current logo for Spockholm Mafia Tools. He also won a contest offered by Team Spockholm in September of 2010 [1]. The logo has been used ever since.

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  1. What about the other 2 winners? Are theirs going to be in the game too?


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