May 7, 2012

Gift Blaster Updates: 05/07/2012


At some point, we can expect to see Zynga go after those who abuse scripts. While no script is approved by Zynga, the ones that prevent your account from getting flagged for too many server calls should keep you under the radar. It’s not up to the script writers to prevent players from abusing their tools. This is all up to the user. Using scripts for extended periods of time, using more than one at the same time or using ones that do actions too quickly will put your account at risk. Until Zynga implements a system to monitor for and punish abusive behavior nobody can say any script is save. All we know at this point is Zynga does not approve of “Botting” [1]. I don't plan on changing my current script behavior until more guidelines are posted. The Gift Blaster now offers an option to increase the delay times to prevent too many server calls in a short period of time.
If you click on the “Why this?” link, the following explanation will appear.
“Scripts should mimic human actions. To drastically exceed a human rate of interaction would have a greater risk of being on the radar of Zynga. Using a value of 10s or more is recommended”
The Gift Blaster sends 50 gifts with each call to the server. This is the same thing you can do in the game. The difference from that and a human would be the page reloads and set up time to make the repeated actions of sending 50 gifts at a time. Delaying the Gift Blaster will reduce the time between server calls and mimic the action of what you and your finger can do. If you go to the send page of any gift, most accounts have a “Select Max” button which will add the first 50 players on a list and a “Send Requests” button which will send requests to the 50 players selected. If Zynga feels too many gift requests going back and forth are causing server issues, all they need to do is remove these options. In this time of uncertainty about scripts, it’s best to wait for Zynga to announce their plan of action. Going around making false claims only adds to the problem and confuses players. All players have a choice of which scripts they want to use and should not be tricked into using one or the other. Time will give us the answer as to which ones cause flags. There are no script writers who work with Zynga or any approved scripts. Don’t believe everything you read.


Anonymous said...

wat a crock of shit if it wasnt 4 spock an addon a 2yr+ player like myself wouldnt play try burning through 14K stam manually nobody has the time an no i aint some free play winey bitch im currently payin vip

Mafia Wars Loot Lady said...

It definitely wouldn't be in their best interest to ban all accounts that use scripts. It sounds like they want to go after those abusing them or using autoplayers to build accounts which are then sold. I think the casual users will be ok if they can do it without false positive. If not then we will all quit. If my account ever gets banned, I will not fight it. I will just move on in life like all the other players who are quitting do.

Anonymous said...

This game is dead without the use of scripts. I for one wudnt waste all day clicking through thousands of stamina manually.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you MAFIA WARS LOOT LADY and furthermore my last action will be ask ZYNGA to blow me.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously desperate to be blown

Anonymous said...

Another confusing move by Zynga; they say they don't approve of any scripts program and bans users that employ it, yet they constantly set up missions with otherwise-impossible odds that essentially acknowledges that users employ scripts. My stance is the same: if I get 'banned,' I won't fight it - I'll drop not just Mafia Wars, but every other Zynga game and just concentrate on more important things in life.

Saetana said...

Exactly, its fairly easy for a mid level player to get 20 ices in London for the current timed mission using Assassinator on reasonable settings (I can click faster myself). I shudder to think how long this would take manually with the horrendous fighting system we have at the moment and everyone trying to fight in London at the same time ;o)

Anonymous said...

I would not even consider playing this game without my spock tools. I am a VIP member and have played since 2008. I wouldn't give it a second look back if I was asked to manually send gifts, accept 250 per day, use 50k stam per day, manually go from city to city to craft properties... etc.

This game would be a full time job without those scripts. It most certainly wouldn't still be a viable game without them. Very few people would have the time to play it without scripts. It's kinda sad that after all these years they themselves haven't improved their code to incorporate some of the ideas from spockholm.

If they take them away or ban me for using them I may walk away having wasted thousands on this game but they will lose many more like me. I don't mind paying to play but I'll be damned if they will monopolize my entire day clicking away at it. They've already ticked me off with the limited time property changes this time around. Z, get a clue. Stop trying to own me. I play the game because I like to play the game not because you want to chain me to it...... it's getting old.

Anonymous said...

Fight a mini

Anonymous said...

Everyone here griping about quitting if Zynga finds a way to stop the scripts should just quit. If the only thing you get out of the game is the use of bots, then you aren't getting anything at all. Don't be naive enough to think Zynga couldn't slam it shut on all scripts and glitches right now. They've done it. They can do it and keep doing it. My guess is they are concerned about those who don't play the game other than to use scripts, period. Since that isn't really playing the game, and since it is usually the behavior of people selling fighter accounts, those are the ones on the radar. The product belongs to Zynga. They have the right to own their own work.

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