May 10, 2012

Free Loot Item: Cheerleader


The Mafia Wars Application is offering us another gift called the Cheerleader. She has stats of 166/98 and is scantily clad. It’s exactly like the Party Animal, Bearded Dragon, Size Does Matter and the Pyromania. You won’t find it in your ZMC and will need to go to your Facebook Request Page which ironically is where none of our other request work. Go here and start searching! Follow the instructions here if you can’t find it.

When you locate the request shown below, click on the “Accept” button.
You will get the popup shown below. Click on the “Claim Your Reward” button and wait for the popup to disappear. Nothing else will happen.
To make sure you got the item, go to the Inventory Page.


  1. This has to be one of the most idiotic things zynga does... why not just put it in the game instead of the dead place where no other requests work?...

  2. I think Zynga had to do that as part of its deal with Facebook to make us actually have to use that part of Facebook once in a while. I am sure if Z had its preference, no gifts would ever go to FB at all, just the envelope.

  3. i accidentaly cleared my all request from mafia wars..
    can i still get it.. :/

  4. It's not in my list. I've been over the list about 5 times and it's not there. What do I do now? Contact MW or Zynga??

  5. I cleared my list too, is there anyway to get it back?

  6. I didn't have a claim your reward button on mine and the pop up went away before I could even read it but I got the item.

  7. Just write a mail to Zynga and they will add it to your inventory.

  8. How do I make this work... I see all kinds of loot that I am missing because of not being able to get this to work...What am I missing or not doing right...PLEASE help Jen...Thank you

    1. This was offered over a year ago. The welcome back gifts are only available for a few days once they are released. You aren't doing anything wrong, they are just no longer available.


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