May 18, 2012

Free Loot Item: Chauffeur 104/168


The Mafia Wars Application is offering us another gift called the Chauffeur. He has stats of 104/168. Acquiring this items is exactly  the same as the Party Animal, Bearded Dragon, Size Does Matter, Pyromania and the Cheerleader. You won’t find it in your ZMC and will need to go to your Facebook Request Page which ironically is where none of our other request work. Go here and start searching! Follow the instructions here if you can’t find it.
When you locate the request shown below, click on the “Accept” button.
You will get the popup shown below. Click on the “Claim Your Reward” button and wait for the popup to disappear. Nothing else will happen.
chauf1To make sure you got the item, go to the Inventory Page.


  1. what do i do if i cleared my facebook of all outstanding entries before entering MW, now I find that there was a gift from Zinga in amongst the rubbish.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! You so kick ass!

    ~ Frank

  3. I still haven't received the cheerleader any ideas on Y I did't get it any any of my accts?

  4. Thank you for always explaining the steps to find these items. I followed your instructions but came across a snag. I found the free loot and selected the accept button. It then takes you into the Mafia Wars page and a popup about the Chauffeur 104/168 appears. Before I could select "Claim your gift button. my request gifter also popped up. When I closed that the free loot ad also disappeared. Now the free loot from the games page is gone, so there is no way to re enter that. is there any suggestions to this mishap???? I would appreciate it!!

  5. I never get any of these in my gifts in Facebook. I always have to go to support to get mine. Thanks for posting them so i know when to look tho. I appreciate all the work done here. ;)


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