May 2, 2012

Fix Mafia Wars Font In Chrome


Those of us who use Chrome know that the text in Mafia Wars is jacked up. This isn’t a Chrome issues, it’s all Zynga. From what I hear, it’s easy to fix but Zynga must not feel it’s worth the development time. You can see that Brandon Venery has a scary Mafia Wars name. He is the Beastile Bulldog and most wouldn’t want to mess with that.
When viewed in Chrome Brandon is just a Bastile Bulldog. I don't even know what that means!
Mike Nestor is the Rebelman and those skull symbols show he is a force to be reckoned with.
In Chrome he has the pansy name of Reen and those scary skull symbols aren’t even visible.
Many notice boxes where there should be symbols.
The names above should like like this but in Chrome they don’t.
Brandon decided to do something about this mess and is hosting a script written by a former Mafia Wars player, Dan Cox, that will fix the Mafia Wars font issue in Chrome. FireFox users don’t have this issue so no need to do anything. If you use Chrome and are tired of seeing jacked up font, following the instructions below.

1. Go to the link below.

2. Click “Continue” from the Extension popup that will appear in the lower left of your screen.
3. Click “Add” from the popup.
4. MW Font Fix will now be added to your Chrome Extensions.
5. To turn MW Font Fix on and off or remove it, click on the little wrench icon in the upper right corner of your screen. From there, click on Tools and then Extensions.
6. You will then have the option to turn on and off by unchecking the enabled box. If you decide you prefer the messed up font of Mafia Wars, just click “Remove” to get it off your computer. 


  1. Doesn't work on RockMelt - a chromium browser.

  2. I prefer inoffensive and legible name over these squiggles.

  3. FTR I just rehosted it (with permission) from a former MW player named Dan Cox. All credit goes to him :)

  4. Thanks Jen and Brandon and Dan!

    Lynnie Corbaley

    @:(|) Hawaiian Punch

  5. sorry, you said in 1st paragraph "This isn’t a Chrome issues, it’s all Zynga."
    but then in last paragraph you said something else .. "FireFox users don’t have this issue so no need to do anything."

    its was a contradictionary statement.

    IF its all zynga fault, THAN not only Chrome, but all browser will got the same effect.

    IF only one or two browser have an issue, THAN the browser compabilities are questionable.

    so far than i seen since the beginning of the chrome born is one thing, chrome does not implemented UTF-8 coding in right way. Not only that, chrome did not see whole available font glyphs. It tends to change the glyphs by it self to the nearest glyphs match, EVEN the fonts has whole glyphs available upto 255 charc.

    The Points is:
    * Its not Zynga fault. Its Chrome issue.

    Reason :
    * Other browser did not have the same issue.

    My tips for missing glyphs :
    * use standart sans and serif fonts.
    * do not using Cyrillic charc.
    * if you still want using Cyrillic charc, use standart roman, greek, chinesse, japan coding.
    * alway set your font coding to UTF-8, the world standart coding.

    see wiki page for standart fonts for san, serif and monospaced.

  6. for some reason the tantric symbol ♅ does not get fixed

  7. Any fix for FireFox please? I recently bought a new laptop n its FF is unable to read these symbols. Tried playing around with all recommended Character encoding, there's none seems fit.

  8. Again, Ya cant install the extension in some chrome versions unless it comes from the chrome store!!

  9. can not add, i already use tampermonkey, but still doesnt work. any suggestions?

  10. Can't install this extension... It has to come from the chrome store...

  11. unable to download cause not from app store


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