May 8, 2012

Fighting Feature Explained


The Mafia Wars Blog has put out a statement relating to the problems that have been going on in fighting lately and the new changes, along with what has been fixed and will be fixed soon. To check out the article, you can go HERE or read a copy of the transcript below.


Dear Mafia Wars Players,
We have made improvements to the Fighting systems in Mafia Wars and you will now be able to fight faster, stronger and better.
While we're doing this, you may have experienced some issues & we are aware that some players are facing problems with the fight feature. We welcome your feedback on the issues you are facing in this form. Detailed steps to reproduce the issue you are facing would also help us quickly determine the reason behind it, so we encourage you to include them.

 1. What are the changes that have been made to fighting in the game?
We have upgraded the technology used for fighting, to make it faster and more responsive. We have modified the code that controlled and enabled fighting. The rules of fighting have not changed. Fight logic, damage calculations, one-on-one fights, etc. will continue to work exactly as they did earlier.

2. What are the benefits of the changes in fighting and why are they required?
The new fighting technology allows you to fight faster, hit harder and tirelessly. The biggest benefit of the new technology is that the responsiveness of the game doesn't suffer when players are under heavy attack from others. The changes allow you to play the game irrespective of other players attacking you.
This technology improves the game responsiveness across the board when there is a lot of fighting going on.

3. I’ve been facing some issues with fighting over the last couple of days. Is this due to the change?
These are some of the issues that arose after the change that have either been fixed already or will be fixed soon.
  • Ices/ Kills not getting counted towards family progression. (This has been fixed)
  • Some players have infinite health.(This has been fixed)
  • Power attack button not working properly.(This has been fixed)
  • Brazil Crew was not being consumed, allowing people to fight without using stamina.(This has been fixed)
  • Over-crediting of ices toward Fight Season Progress .(This has been fixed)
  • Heal timers are not resetting in some cases. (See FAQ No 4)
  • Losing large amount of health in fewer attacks. (See FAQ No 5)
  • Losing health quicker than before. (See FAQ No 6)
If you notice any other issue other the ones mentioned above, please do let us know in this feedback form.

4. Why do the heal timers keep increasing?
There was no change in the calculation of heal timer. However heal timers are not resetting in some cases. This will be fixed soon.

5. Why do I see large amounts of damage from a small number of attacks?
The number of attacks being reported currently does not differentiate between a normal attack and power attacks. Therefore the attack count is incorrectly reported when power attacks are performed. We are working to fix this ASAP.

6. Why does my health drop faster now?
The health drop seems to happen when multiple players are attacking you. The new fight technology allows more concurrent fights and hence they bring your health down faster.

7. Can I opt in or out of the new technology?
The new technology roll out has happened across the game to all the players at the same time. Given the magnitude of the changes, it is not feasible to have only some players on the new technology and vice versa without significantly impacting the user experience.
-The Mafia Wars Team


  1. BS none of that has been fixed. I just burned 10000 stam trying to ice some guy whose health would not drop, while using Assassinator. :(

  2. Pity they can't roll out the "coming soon-ish....maybe.." VIP program as quickly as they have rolled out this "exciting" feature to all players

  3. We have revulsion. Fight list loaded and ready. /Default Don

  4. The "Too late, Player has ICED THEMSELVES" (WTF!!) is really stealing our stamina! Who dreamt this bs up? You think you got the ice, perct. of others is 2% and then that crap pops up! BS Zynga!!!

    1. Exactly... this is ridiculously.

  5. its all psychological lol everything is just the same lol

  6. i cant fight one hit and im iced even on full health ie hit fight once and it costs me 600 health or if people hit me once i lose around 800 health with one hit :(

  7. The double attack boost from the cities doesn't work either..

  8. "Too late, Player has ICED THEMSELVES" <--- is B.S. because I'm at war and whenever I get that crap, sure enough, one of my clanmates gets an ice, STOP THE BULLSHIT, the player updates lag like crazy, what a waste of time looking in there!

  9. A load of BS... they nerfed the game. How many players did you alienate this time zynga???

  10. If it is all the same as anonymous says he must be smoking the same stuff as zynga HEALTH 160>ZERO HEALTH 3 players credited with snuffing me all in the same minute isnt normal play Zynga rae full of their pox ups

  11. im getting this .. never used a bot in my life
    We have temporarily suspended access to fighting and gifting for this account while we conduct an investigation. The investigation will be completed and the functionality will be reactivated within 7 days, if not sooner. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ or contact our Customer Support team and reference this message, "MWPauseFightGift," in your email. Thank you for your patience. For our terms of service, please click here.

  12. LOL I just reported a problem with fighting. I said I was weak and needed help. Support said they would look into it.....LMAO

  13. A game, is supposed to be fun, relieve some of the work day's stresses and all that. Mafia Wars was one of the ways to do so. However, it has morphed into something else I could not comprehend. And it has gotten worse. I have, by recommendation from family and friends, built myself as a fighter. I understand and I know I will be iced, I will be attacked and so on and so forth. BUT:

    - If I have to be iced several times at the same time, that is crazy
    - If I cannot fight but can be iced and fought, that is not right
    - for quite obvious reasons, I only fight at New York and at Las Vegas, unless I get to fight stamina free at London, Brazil and Chicago: Problem is there is no one to fight at Las Vegas and at New York.
    - I have noticed that with one or two hits, I am iced.
    - I have also noticed that when, in the rare chance I can fight, even with full health the pop up comes on and says I have to buy health

    There are so many other things wrong with the fights. Seriously, I will not buy anything now shall I be a VIP.

    It is bad. But in a way it is good because I have once again returned to reading history and autobiography books.

  14. I have a script that monitors my health, and when it senses somebody is about to ice me it ices myself. It'a hilarious! Go ahead and keep trying to ice me, LOSERS!!!

    1. Dude. If getting iced bothers you that much LOL IDK maybe hidden chronicles LOL

    2. The logic escapes me on that.
      It's like "Dude...I saw a guy walking toward me on the street today. I could tell from the look in his eye's he was gonna kick my butt. But I showed him...I kicked my own ass before he even got a chance ta swing....Nobody messes with me when I do that"

    3. Hmmm.. Is this part of the TOS?

  15. Some Attackers not showing on feeds????, I ice someone and its all green, I go back after them a min later and I lost All Red????? Players with endless health.Run Over....Attack someone and it doesnt stop, just sit there and watch stam and health disappear???

  16. This is wrong. We get 100 Player Updates at most. Formerly, 100 attacks would usually yield about 1,800 ~ 2,200 damage total.
    If it is really showing 100 power attacks, then 100 * 5 = 500 attacks. Five hundred attacks being shown in our player updates should be 1,800 * 5 or 2,200 * 5. This equals a max of 9,000 ~ 11,000 damage for 100 power attacks. However, I'm seeing player updates of over 60,000 damage for less than 100 attacks! If this information is really coming from Zynga, and they don't correctly see the problem or possess basic mathematics skills, then how will they ever fix it?? I know many people have spent thousands of dollars for this game - is this really the best Zynga can do?? Sad . . .

  17. I've been getting attacked and it doesn't show in the feed until way after I'm Iced.


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