May 7, 2012

Feline Mystery Bags


The much anticipated Feline Mystery Bags have arrived. We knew they were coming almost a month ago when the special loot item was added to the inventory [1]. There is no indication on the banner of how long they will be available. The Caesar's Mystery Bags were offered on several occasions for just a few hours. For now they are "A pawsitively Purrfect Gift".
feline The rules haven’t changed for these special types of Mystery Bags. You can accept 20 per day and the requests are good for 48 hours once they hit your ZMC. Any Feline Mystery Bag accepted once the limit of 20 has been reached for the day will convert to a Blue Mystery Bag.
All the items contained in these bags are the same ones which have been used since the Gold Mystery Bags were first offered in August of last year [1]. The only thing that ever changes is the unique loot item. Fortunately the month of waiting didn’t make the obsolete. The Savannah Cat offers stats of 145/112!

1 comment:

  1. Your Feline Mystery Bag contained: some Thai Baht!


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