Apr 19, 2012

The Spockholm (Un)Framed Page


Earlier this evening there were problems on the Facebook side. Many players were getting half screens and it was quite annoying. The obvious work around is to unframe your page but Zynga prevents us from easily unframing. A while back Team Spockholm created what Pistol Pete like to call fake unframing. To get your game into a fake unframed state and thus eliminate half screens, simply use the link below.
Your game will now appear unframed and half screens won't be an issue.
To learn more about the Spockholm Mafia Wars (un)framed page, click on the “About this page” link.
fakeunframe2 fakeunframe3
There is also a direct link to the Spockholm Fan Page and a convenient list of more helpful links. Stand alone scripts will not run on this page but if you use the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar, that won’t be a problem. For instructions on unframing workarounds, just use the link to the Unframing Guide.
During the half screen issue, Zynga was on top of it and posted the following on their Customer Support Page. In addition of half screens, there were also issues with the request buttons. Everything should be back to normal now. This was a Facebook and not a Zynga issue.
Zynga Games experiencing issues on Facebook 04/19/2012
Updated 04/20/2012 at 04:19
We are experiencing issues across several games playable on Facebook and Zynga.com. Players have reported being unable to send or request feeds.

Affected games include Cafe World, FarmVille, Mafia Wars, CastleVille, and more.

We are working on a resolution with Facebook at this time. There is no need to submit a support request at this time. The resolution will likely be seamless, thus no action will be taken on support requests submitted for this issue.

If you are affected, click Please Fix below so we can track the number of affected players.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation during this inconvenience.


  1. I can't get Assassin-A-Nator to run, and Ice Event Generator is now a web host site. Is this happening to anyone else?

  2. this bug is happening again and unframing doesnt fix it. half screens, server errors, images dont load, buttons dont work....but that vip pop-up ad works fine LOL as if...


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