Apr 30, 2012

Make Your Friends Stronger: Mountaineer


The Make Your Friends Stronger item for the week is the Mountaineer. If you want it, you need to spend real cash or find a friend who will give it to you. The stats aren’t any better than items you can buy in the Marketplace for 35 reward points.
friends1 Since Zynga will probably keep this ridiculous feature around a while, I decided to figure it out. To learn how it works, click the yellow help mark.
Clicking the “Go To Deal” button will take you to the Free Gift Page even though these gifts are far from free. Three friends will be randomly and automatically selected for you. You can delete them by clicking the red X and select other friends by clicking the “Select More” button.
You will be taken to the Send Page of the loot item. The more friends you select, the more it will cost but the discount per item also increases. You can select a maximum of 10 at a time. You will only get the item if you buy the item for at least 7 friends.
The following chart lists the number of items, cost and the discount you will receive.

# of Items Cost Discount Item For You
1 $4.15 15% No
2 $7.81 20% No
3 $10.98 25% No
4 $14.64 25% No
5 $18.30 25% No
6 $21.96 25% No
7 $25.62 25% Yes
8 $29.28 25% Yes
9 $32.94 25% Yes
10 $36.60 25% Yes

If you are a collector, the only options you have to get this item is to spend at least $25.62 or receive one as a gift. You could always buy the item from your mini for $4.15 and send it to yourself. The option to stop collecting things is also available. It’s free to just look at the image.


  1. Is there any script like whatIamusing that is available for checking inventory u can send to family that does not help you anymore. cannot get whatiamusing to work.

  2. If a group of people got together and bought gift items for each other person, then each person would get the number of items he bought in total and the price per loot item would be cheaper than the marketplace loot of the same power.

    This could also be of some interest to traders. This is the highest item in the game that someone can give you. Items that can't be re-traded probably aren't all that interesting, but it does provide something other than game cards that can be used as a currency.

  3. Why not be able to do it by spending RPs? If Zynga is afraid of multiple accounts then this option must be allowed only for the same family members of 101 not mafia family of 501 members, and just for once not even to be allowd again in the future.


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