Apr 29, 2012

Bugs That Should Be Fixed


There are two bugs in Mafia Wars that were reported long ago and have not been fixed. One can cause havoc for families [1] and the other gives some lucky players an unfair advantage [1]. I posted about the “Family Hack” glitch on February 18th and the “Never Ending War” glitch on April 3rd. Both are still alive and well. There isn’t much more to say about the Family Hack glitch. You can only imagine what could happen if a rival can temporarily join your family, remove players and change names and messages.
The Never Ending War glitch happens when a players war does not register attacks. It’s random and as far as I know can’t be reproduced. When a player on the opposing side is attacked and no red slash appear it means that the opponent can be attacked again. As many attacks as possible within the 8 hours of the war can be made. The war will only end once the timer expires and for every attack made on the stuck player a loot item will be rewarded to the helpers who were able to register an attack.
Patrick sent me images of one such war. He was one of the lucky helpers in a war which was glitches, the image below showed 94 items. The helper cap of 5 wars does not apply to items, only wars that you helped in.
Here is the total number of Armorellas he has in his inventory.
When he was rewarded the items shown above, the Assassin-a-Nator caught the increase in the defense equipment score. Not a bad deal!

Lynnie Corbaley made a short but entertaining video of her glitched rewards. Declare War loot to the VIP Membership, you can see spending $24.97 a month is a waste of money.

Comparing the Declare War loot to the VIP Membership, you can see spending $24.97 a month is a waste of money. If Zynga should worry about fixing game issues before they try to capitalize on subscriptions. We hear time and time again that other games requiring subscriptions do not contain the bugs that Mafia Wars does.

Defense Weapon
Winner: Declare War +17

Attack Armor
Winner: VIP Membership

Defense Armor
Winner: Declare War +14

Attack Vehicle
Winner: Declare War +16

Defense Vehicle
Winner: VIP Membership

Attack Animal
Winner: Declare War +15

Attack Weapon/Defense Animal/Attack Henchmen/Defense Henchmen

Winner: Tie


  1. this problem is unresolved ... No MW game posts in the feed...

  2. love the end of the video... "hahaha...jerks"

  3. pffft, those are the only bugs you can think of?
    how about the major ones with health plummeting and the game forcing you to heal even when your health is over 100%... and the update center on home page is horrible... it usually doesn't even have more than an hour of info, and there is like 15 minutes of lag, it's totally useless.

    the war glitches are a bit infuriating, because of the idiotic rollback they did last time with war loot that was zyngas fault, now I'm sure there will be another, because they take their lazy ass sweet ole time to fix it and by the time they do the whole game is fubar... I don't understand how hard is it to just fix these problems when they come up... zynga is the shear definition of incompetence.

    1. The post wasn't meant to be all inclusive. There are many bugs that need to be fixed and most of those have been covered. These are 2 that were addressed and not fixed.

  4. so anyone want to teach how to do The Never Ending War glitch :D ?

    1. There is nothing to teach. You just need to be one of the 6 helpers in a war that won't end. If the player(s) who know what they are doing get one, they will make sure to let their friends know (unless they posted to their wall first) and then will try to get as many clicks as possible. Only the 6 helpers get the loot. The person who declares the war doesn't. Most may not even know they have one if they don't check. If the other side attacks back the war will end as well.

  5. LOL isn't it obvious? The saint like loot lady is making a hullabaloo all over the place because her fan boy Jeff Sanford has maximized himself and a few others in the {ASS} family, so now would be the perfect time to make a "RANT" so others cannot benefit. Well done Jennifer. I expect nothing more decent from you.

  6. 1. I allow you to publish my picture as many times as you want.
    2. Do you really think, 100 armorellas happened only by accident?
    3. Your posts look lately like Zynga commercials.

    1. 1. I apologize if that was your image posted, I have blurred it out. I can post any game image I want, with or without permission as they belong to Zynga and not you. I try to blur as a courtesy but it's not something I'm required to do. Sometimes I forget.

      2. No I don't think it was by accident and those that know what they are doing can exploit this which is why it should be fixed and why you are at risk for a botched rollback. Good luck with that!!!

      3. As far as my posts, they are all about Mafia Wars so what else should they look like? Obviously people like them or I wouldn't be getting all this traffic. If you are trying to troll to piss me off the only outcome it will have is for me to post about more glitches such as the property and requests glitches that still are working.

  7. ok, spill the beans on the property and request glitches~!

  8. War reward glitch is different from the family admin hack or manipulations of family property links. This is in-game issue and is not malicious mischief or thievery.

    Zynga rollbacks occur, regardless of whether you benefit or not from a glitch. 94 armorellas is nothing... I have seen accounts on my fight list with 250+ hyper jet skis and 100+ bearneccessities. This glitch really isn't so different from multi-posting begs for LE properties or using spocklets to giftblast for London property parts.

    As for LL's comment 'you are at risk for a botched rollback' ... well actually, many innocents are rolled back, so the irony is the LL and Vinc(who didn't benefit from this glitch) are as likely to be rolled back as Patrick (who did benefit). Most of us are still waiting for the rollback for the family property link manipulations. By the time that Zynga gets around to it, this batch of loot will probably be obsolete.


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