Apr 30, 2012

Bonus Payments (Mystery Bonuses) Broken


The Bonus Payment was added to the Operations feature on Decemeber 1st of 2010 [1]. A Bonus Payment will randomly drop when you fully master a Operations job. You then have the option to send it to your mafia. When we are gifted a Bonus Payment, it shows up as a Mystery Bonus in our ZMC.
Many have reported that the Mystery Bonuses won’t open and I was able to verify this. When you click on the “Accept Bonus and Thank” button or the “Accept Bonus” link, the gift isn’t opened and you get the same message telling you “Open it to see what’s inside!”. 
To make it worse, the Mystery Bonus gets bounced back to your ZMC as an unopened item and the cycle will repeat itself until it gets bumped out of your ZMC by other requests.
This wouldn’t be such a bad thing but Mystery Bonus gifts contain things we want like energy bonuses, +1 attack point, +1 defense points and Victory Coins [1].
Image from the Mafia Wars Wiki Bonus Payment Page
Operations are pretty much a dead feature. Zynga hasn’t updated it or the loot since June of last year [1]. The only benefit is that helping on an Operation gives you 4 points on the Helper category of Family Progression. Operations are a distraction and game interrupter for those of us who choose to ignore them. You get a popup while doing jobs. This one was taken today and check out the loot score on the Brown Cancer Crab!
Closing the popup involves more than just clicking on the X. When you do, you have to deal with a Confirmation Screen and click the “remove” button. If you decide to start the Operation to avoid this, it’s even worse because clicking on the “Start Operation” button redirects you to the Operations Page. You can refresh the game by clicking on F5 to get rid of the popup and go back to doing jobs but most players wouldn’t know this. Zynga should update or remove the feature.

Thanks to Rick Jaaymes for posting on the fan page. I now know why I’ve had so many Mystery Bonuses in my ZMC!


  1. Just ignore them and they are gone. Thats what I do for months now already, since the feature is broken ...

  2. IGNORE.. Gone for months.

  3. To ignore them, when one pops up, just hit reload. Then the operation is saved, but not started, so it never times out.

  4. Doppelganger DaveApril 30, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    those bonuses have been dead in my zmc for MONTHS.
    they were all giving an ERROR when I would try to collect them, but then a couple weeks ago they changed from giving an error, to not working at all... click on them and nothing happens... all I can do is just ignore them :-(

  5. "When you click on the “Accept Bonus and Thank” button or the “Accept Bonus” link, the gift isn’t opened and you get the same message telling you “Open it to see what’s inside!”.

    "To make it worse, the Mystery Bonus gets bounced back to your ZMC as an unopened item"

    I don't get that, I get 'there was an error processing this request' or whatever it says. If I click ignore it goes away.

  6. yep, close and reopen the browser on each type of operation pop-up - it gets indefinitely saved as "unstarted" and you'll not have to see another operation pop-up once you get one of each type in there.

  7. I also ignore the Bonus buttons. And with ops, start them and let them expire. Once all 6 are expired you won't get the popups anymore. I haven't had one pop up in months.

  8. They have to be coming from somewhere else besides operations, because I stopped helping in operations about a year ago and I keep getting them. Not just the ones that bounce back into the console, but new ones too. Is there anywhere else they could come from or is that just another Z mystery?

    1. You don't need to do Operations to get them. They come to you when others do Operations and send them to you.

  9. Managed to get rid of them. Here's's what I did:

    1. Use Spockholm's Gift Collector and check how many Mystery Bonuses I have.
    2. Go to FB's Apps and Games > Mafia Wars and click the "X" for all of them
    3. GO to ZMC and click "Ignore" for all again.

    It's a bit troublesome, but it works. :)

    1. yes, several things you can do. They aren't a big deal and usually get bumped so I didn't go into all that. For those who get annoyed by them this is perfect :)

  10. pffft, I don't want them to go away as everyone is suggesting, I'd rather that zynga fixes them so that they work and I can actually collect them.

  11. Operations are finished.We know we will never see an update.Expect this to be shut down and replaced with some thing even worse.

  12. i get the same crap message in my accept box when trying to accept new members into my family


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