Mar 11, 2012

The Stranger’s Swag: 3rd Offering of the Solar Glide Drone


The next repeat item of The Stranger’s Swag is the Solar Glide Drone. We’ve already had this two times! Once during Don’s Gift and once when The Stranger’s Swag first started [1][2]. It was boring then and it’s still boring. Can’t they come up with better loot?
Don’t bother reading more, the image below sums up how most of us feel about this feature.


  1. I'm not sure why there have been so many negative comments lately Jen. But rest assured that most people are very grateful for your blog and appreciate the hard work you have put into it :-)

  2. Maybe someone at Zynga just has a thing for the PGOAT/Madame Psychosis character in Infinite Jest...

  3. this is the only piece of swag that is useful to alot of ppl. so many are restricted to fhel for so much of there loot and this +2 from troller best fhel def vehicle.

  4. If you're a higher level these won't be much use to you, but lower levels appreciate The Stranger's Swag. They use these items. My mini collects them all.


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