Mar 27, 2012

The Stranger Swag Returns: .22 Chihuahua


The Stranger’s Swag “Event” is back. This shouldn’t be a surprise as we told you last week it was going to happen [1]. I wish they would have changed the theme but at least the items will help more players than the original version. Today’s “SWAG” item is the .22 Chihuahua. It has stats of 73/109. Keep reading to see the rest of the items.
For review, you can get up to 5 .22 Chihuahuas. Simply generate a news feed request by clicking the “Share” button from the Home Page or Free Gift Page. Your mafia can send you up to 3. To get two more items, click on 2 requests made by others.
There are five more loot items to be gained from this round of The Stranger’s Swag.
To see if any will help you, run your Show Worst Items Spocklet and compare. Two of the items will help my score by +1. Not great but better than before.

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