Mar 20, 2012

Slingo/Mafia Wars Cross Game Promotion


We have another cross game promotion in Mafia Wars. This one is with a Zynga game called Slingo. I kind of remember playing this years ago on AOL only it wasn’t made by Zynga. To get the loot item called the Spine Plate (145/95) you need to enter Slingo through the popup in you will get in Mafia Wars and win 30 medals. If you closed out your popup or didn't get it, go here.

Clicking the “Play Now” button from the popup will take you to the Slingo permissions page. You should know the drill by now. Grant them permission and then you can load the game.
Wait for the game to load……..While you’re waiting you can get an idea of what’s to come. A repulsive Jester and his friends let you know that Slingo is “Slots with Bingo”. If I wanted to play either, I would be wasting my time doing so. I certainly don’t want to play them both! Mafia Wars players have much better things to do with their time!
Slingo is pretty simple. The Slingo Joker will tell you what to do if you feel lost. All you need to do is click the “Spin” button and click on your matching numbers and hope to get the pattern before your spins run out.
Because this is Zynga, expect to get popups along the way asking you to invite friends.
Medals for various achievements are earned as complete each game. It’s mindless fun and eventually you will get 30 of them.
To monitor your progress, click on the Medal icon from the leaderboard.
When you reach the 30 medal mark, go back to Mafia Wars and you will get a Spine Plate.
If the item doesn’t appear in your inventory right away, wait 24 hours before you contact Customer Support.
Unless you want to deal with all the same any approved by you Zynga game generates, don’t forget to block Slingo once you get your loot.
Thanks to Stephen Voss for finishing and posting the reward popup on the fan page.


  1. i was too fast and clicked the popup window away. i have some minutes later start with the game,have now 24 medals,what is if i reach 30? will i get the reward without popup?

  2. Rico.
    This is why zynga always put new game on mafia wars. and ask us to play with loot reward. Coz' we always do what they ask about that new game.

  3. this game gives zyngarewars too :)

  4. anny backup link cant activate it ???

  5. I clicked too fast and got rid of the pop up yesterday. Thanks for the link but it takes me straight to the permission page. Will I still get the item if I waste my time earning 30 medals in Slingo?

  6. Got level 30 on this for HC so had the reward already. The game gets old very fast and it's very easy to see where Zynga will rig it in an attempt to get people to spend money. Has all the randomness and fairness of Lucky Stash. And I remember it on aol too. Who would've thought that Z would make a game based on someone else's idea!!!

  7. i got the 30 medan didnt receive loot

  8. Right after geting 30 medals i opened 6 free building parts links for latest property and guess what? - i got the reward 3 times...
    And it was not planned.


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