Mar 20, 2012

Pick Your Own Bundle Returns


The Pick Your Own Bundle gimmick has returned. We saw it at the end of January and items were 20% off [1]. This time around, they are 30% off. Maybe it didn’t go over so well last time.

When you click on the “Choose Now” button, you can select any of the 12 items offered up to 3 times.
Click the “Add” button under the item(s) of your choice and they will be added to one of the boxes.
The only thing from the list I would purchase is the skill points. You can place the same item in all three boxes. If you change your mind, simply click on the X of the added item. A cost will be tabulated once you add three items. 24 skill points for 57 reward points come out to about 2.4 reward points per skill point. We can do the same or much better by speeding up our crafting timers from the New York Properties. 

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