Mar 9, 2012

More London Loot


Three more London Loot items were discovered by Stephen Voss, Gabriel Perez, Sravan Kumar, Eric Trotman and an anonymous commenter in the servers and posted on our fan page. The total number of London Loot items discovered by the community is now 17. The number of properties found is 3. If you want to contribute, go here for instructions on finding items in the servers. Thanks to everyone who has found images and shared them with us!
Common Buzzard
Pub Brawler

British Army Knife

Smooth SnakeBobby Hat
For a review of all the items discovered to date, see the chart below. Item stats will not be known until they are added to the inventory.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Queen would think of being a piece of loot in a game?

Anonymous said...

My bet queen is a mastery item

kraDen said...

Jennifer Patterson said...

Thanks for trying. That is an old war loot item. The last step of the server image game is to check the inventory or the wiki to see if the item has already been released.

Anonymous said...

This isn't in the inventory -

Wolvyn D'Costa said...

already mentioned above^^

Anonymous said...

yep, it's mentioned because i found it and they added it, and i thank them for it. got another one here, and its a good one -

Anonymous said...

my final one that i found, this one i'm not sure about, its not in the inventory, but the animal already exists in the game. sort of. graphic looks like it fits in with the london stuff, and i couldn't find any other fish

Anonymous said...

Armor - Cabbie Hat 106 67

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