Mar 11, 2012

London Server Images: Update & Review


Many server images related to London have been discovered by players in the community. I have them splashed over several posts so I’m putting them all together and will update this post as more are found.  Thanks goes to Abhinav Gandhi, TOKO, Leonard Wong, Mark Allan, Stephen Voss, Gabriel Perez, Sravan Kumar, Eric Trotman, Woe ToGo, Golob, an anonymous commenter and anyone I may not have known about.  If you want to look for images, go here for instructions.

Destination Banner

London Loot Items

British Army KnifePig Pub Brawler Royal Rumble
Jack The RipperBruteMicrochip

Royal Hat Top Hat Bobby Hat Bobby Uniform

London CabLondon BusAristocrat

Red Squirrel Eurasian OtterGrass SnakeSmooth Snake
Common BuzzardBean GooseEurasian WolfEurasian Lynx

CabbieRoyal GuardCricketerRoyal Family
London FiremanLamp Lighter

PubStadiumNight Club

Help Requests
London CrewJob HelpProperty Upgrade

London PoundFree Gift IconCity Mission Icon

Tier Level Mastery

London Crew

Property Help Mark Background
Tier Mastery Background
There is also a Secret District called The Great Fire which is based in Chicago. It fits the theme of “London Will Burn”. Go here to read more about The Great Fire Of London. Many believe that completing this Secret District will unlock London once it is launched. We don’t know when the Secret District or London will be released. Your guess is as good as ours.


tinyjones said...

ok now that we know all about it lets open it so can do it. got energy burning to be used.

Anonymous said...

Great recap. Thanks so much Jen and contributors¡

~Kim Katt

Anonymous said...

I guess royal stuuf would together form a collection rather then be separate items...

Golob said...

found this:
similiar style to pig.

Golob said...

i also found this:

Anonymous said...

So I just had a bad thought what if London. Its self is timed the whole city. 3 districts 3 buildings 4 levels of mastery in 2 weeks to a month then London acheivements,buildings,collections,and all the rest all gone. Add to that the new sniper unhelper also do some tweeking to the fighting in that area. And I am sure that is close to zyngas plan. Please direct comment at darkthoughts77

Anonymous said...

Totally the problem, what's the rush? Italy was sacrificed for this so let them get things right and put out an enjoyable game, not bang it out full of errors because your bored and have energy burning to use! Everyone rushing them to keep adding more is the problem! I would rather wait for a good game them a bug filled one!

Anonymous said...

When will it open

Anonymous said...


Roger said...

Found this last night, not sure my post got through

Ramanujam said...

hey the grass snake just looks like the Green Mamba that was available in the Loyalty points program..only the head is turned the other side...poor creativity from Zynga...they better come up with new ones...

Anonymous said...

That guy is from the Waiting nee Extreme missions.

Golob said...

and also this:

when I search for images I do it like a PRO!

Golob said...

I just went on a spree:

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